Bringing the roof down on their own heads…


The absurd snowflake Ponzi scheme attitude that took over cryptocurrency ran unchecked until adults finally took notice. Now, that can be used to broad-brush the entire concept of cryptocurrency with the label, which it justly deserves, and have a massive authoritarian over-reaction that crushes the entire scene, and then replace it with worthless guvcoins that undermine the entire reason for inventing crypto in the first place.

Just as SJWs created the “alt right,” so have the ridiculous bullshit retards of cryptocurrency created their own backlash. Mark my words, both of these converge in extreme authoritarianism.

Cryptotards have handed government a long list of perfect excuses. The Huxlian normies will welcome, even beg for, Orwellian authoritarianism with cheering and open arms.

I know of only 1 crypto project that isn’t hyped up on Ponzi scam bullshit, and it’s not in the top 10; because shitcoin Ponzi bullshit is all that matters in crypto anymore… If you have any criticisms of that, or even dare to call it what it is, you’re just a Negative Nancy…

Think the now-appears-perfectly-justified government steamroller will have mercy on it?

Too little, too late… By failing to make the move it needed to make years ago (differentiating itself for reasons other than pumping the price), DASH will incur the wrath of government’s traditional knee-jerk, clumsy, heavy-handedness. It’s failed to demonstrate it’s real-world usefulness (which it has) and that it really isn’t like the rest (it’s not, really!), and will be lumped in as just another abbreviation in need of a sound flogging.

Time to get fucked by the long dick of the law.

While most of cryptocurrency absolutely deserves to die, it’s sad to see the baby thrown out with the bathwater. But, for the chronic failure to capitalize, DASH deserves to share this fate, even if for completely different reasons.

Called it. Been called a troll every day for calling it. Here we are…

If you’re not already in, and not well informed; stay that way. This is gonna be a shitshow of epic proportions.

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