And another form from the shapeless dark mass emerges…

I’ve had with me a concept I haven’t been able to give words for a while… It was embodied in a few quotes that gave the notion, but never a direct way of addressing it.

“Most of what passes itself off as morality is merely obedient cowardice.”

It sums up:

The lie spread in Police academies across our country that Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. If you have purged evil desires from your soul, this means nothing because you have no desire to do wrong in the first place, and there is no temptation.

But, Integrity includes Courage. The courage to do what is right even when everyone is watching. The courage to do what is right knowing full well the price you will pay for defying evil when it is the institutionalized and socialized norm.

Cowardice is no badge of honor, but mediocrity knows no superior due to overwhelming confirmation bias. Those conveniently trapped in the center of the bell curve find solace in the herd even as it’s jeering membership are picked off one by one. The Hangman knows you best…

If all it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing, how then do they still call themselves good men while they do nothing? When they back-stab those who take action, and gleefully show the blood to their demonic masters?

How does one continue to pick up that turd from the clean end, polish it, and gold-plate it? Don’t mistake the klaxons of cognitive dissonance for tinnitus…

Miranda; clarity is a curse. The Empire of lies views truth as treason; but who mentioned the punishment? The consequences? Meted out by the devil in the red dress… The government’s whores and raging welfare babies turned post-pubescent… At least Dr. Frankenstein had a little conscience…

But, who among me can comprehend beyond the fat sketi? Shall I explain to the lion that it’s better off being my friend than eating me? Try explaining math to a cat. Go ahead… A pearl cast before swine would rather be cast elsewhere, but swine is all there is… Be it the pearl’s lot to be cast, it ends up, always, where it belongs not due to the absence of anywhere else to be.

You’ve crossed the event horizon and preach that if only we all sit on our thumbs long enough, everything will work out. A.k.a.; someone else will fix it for you because you can’t be asked. You are just another raindrop refusing to take responsibility for the flood, back stabbing any raindrop that does because it makes you look bad.

When cowardice is the currency of the realm, virtue grants only destitution.

The problem is not the crazy guy on the street corner who believes he is on a mission from God. The problem is that we are all on a mission from God, but the crazy guy on the street corner is the only one who’s taking it seriously, because everyone else is too pusillanimous to do their part.

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