Living With Fear

Live with fear long enough, and you no longer have it.

Fire can burn and kill, yet I carry with me the utilities to create a fire in several different ways. I understand that it can not only take away life, but also preserve it. It’s all about how I choose to manage it.

Fear is much the same.

It’s a dangerous position to become numb to fear. Cortisol… Fight or Flight from a relentless, predatory government that attacks me just because I’m me… The relentless stalker negates the possibility of Flight, so… Pressure and Time, in the words of Andy Dufresne. That’s all it takes for any cause of fear to become it’s own worst enemy.

But, back to fire…

I came to understand MGTOW from a much different path than most, which is why I can’t relate to most MGTOW, and why I was such a Johnny-come-lately to the concept. I was doing it, alone, with no idea so many others had found a similar path.

I like fire. I can conjure fire whenever I want it with little effort.

But, I don’t want it in my living room, or my bed. I know what will happen to my house, and my life, if I set a fire indoors… Same reason I don’t take a modern, western woman into my life and home.

I know precisely what fire is, and precisely what fire isn’t.

I know precisely what it’s good for, and precisely what it’s not good for.

I also know the consequences of failing those 4 points in the previous 2 sentences.

I’m not the slightest bit afraid of fire. Maybe there was a time when I was, but I’ve lived with it and educated myself.

I rather like my septic tank, too. But, it’s not lying in bed next to me… I know what it is, I know what it’s good for.

Women; know what little they’re currently good for, and act accordingly.

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