This is at the root of the divide that has grown between the genders.

Since day one, Feminism has been about getting all the Rights, and refusing to accept responsibility for them, or anything, ever.

From day one, Womens’ Suffrage. The problem is not that women got the Right to vote. The problem is that they refuse to take responsibility for it. Men cannot vote or collect any form of public benefit if they do not sign up for Selective Service. Women get all that just for existing. Women don’t even know what Selective Service is. All the Rights, zero responsibilities They don’t even know what responsibility is!

Women are taught to see irresponsible, selfish, abusive hedonism as the ultimate goal. Pretend that this is what men are (“All men are pigs!”) Then, be the same. This is the lie of Equality.

Sure, maybe that pig exists somewhere, but it’s just the one guy. Every woman is taught to emulate him. So, one male pig, billions of female pigs.

Men are fulfilled by the opposite of that. Which makes any responsible, decent man an utter failure in the eyes of women. Degeneracy is the only thing women value, because it’s the goal they strive for themselves.

Zero respect for the responsible man. He is the opposite of everything Feminism teaches women to admire.

Why should I carry the weight if I’m only going to be shit on for doing it?

Ladies, you’ve been biting the hand that feeds you for a very long time… We’re just not interested anymore.

MGTOW isn’t about angry losers who can’t get laid (pussy is everywhere, and these “liberated” feminsts throw it around like a Frisbee hoping to hook a fool for child support of an unloved child. If you can’t get laid in today’s day and age, you probably have Leprosy and Ebola. The Pickup Artist scene is a solution in search of a problem. Women are all a bunch of easy whores looking to cash in. It’s never been easier to fuck pretty much anything that moves.), as it is about the ones who are smart enough to realize exactly who is fucking us over.

No woman will ever do that. It’s everything Feminism hates. Even if there is a “good one” out there, Feminism has manipulated the law to strip the choice. Name a woman who has a problem with it…

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