Prostitutes in Thailand

Yeah. I’m going to talk about this.

But first, a word from our sponsor: Hypergamy

I’ve met quite a few.

I’m sure your man-hate agenda will prevent you from accepting this, but I haven’t had sex with a bunch of them.

I know how damaged they are, that I shouldn’t trust them…

Or, is that a load of shit?

I find myself drawn to them, and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t sexual desire. I can get that for free pretty much anywhere in Western Society.

Western women are dumb-as-shit fuck hole trash. They qualify as people only by the undeserved grace of genetics alone.

That statement is where the revelation begins. If you’re too offended to entertain the idea, you’ll never learn anything. And frankly, I like it that way. I like you trapped in a hell of your own design. I don’t want to help you. I want you to stay there. So, please, be offended and stop reading now.

Thia Hookers are people. Real, three dimensional, human beings.

Western women have more in common with the Pet Rock than anything that consumes Oxygen.

Even with a horrid language barrier, a 10 minutes pseudo-conversation in a Go Go Bar has more depth, nuance and basic humanity in it than a year wasted on any western woman.

It’s simple human opposite-gender contact, which you simply don’t get from western woman anymore no matter how much time you spend with any number of them. Feminism has hilariously and horribly convinced them that the only way to justify their existence is to eliminate all feminine traits and impersonate/emulate the worst, most disgusting pig of a man (who doesn’t even exist) as you possibly can. Feminism teaches women to hate, and stop, being women.

Western women are the real ladyboys now.

Everything about them is macho and manly. And worst, it’s fake. It’s all an act. Even Thai Ladyboys “get it.” They are dainty, feminine, pleasant… Even when you know “that’s a dude,” for just a second you (almost) get sucked into the delusion because they behave more like an actual woman than women do. Well, the women you become accustomed to as a Western Male…

Thai girls really are different. Not perfect. But, at least they’re still women.

I realized just how sad the indictment of the western female is, when I find myself drawn to the dreggs of a society on the other side of the planet, knowing full well it’s a bad idea in so many ways, simply because “at least they’re still women.”

I wasn’t looking for an insult, I was looking for an answer. But, I’m sure you’ll ignore that in favor of “being offended” yet again. You’ll never learn. You’ll just double-down on being a disgusting piece of shit, again. I’m fine with you blinding yourself with your narcissism and arrogance. Continuing your downward spiral of self-delusion…

It’s not my problem. I’m not trapped in the Rat Utopia.

I’m smart enough to find a way out. You’re not.

Even barnyard animals have more depth and personality. I’m not attracted to the western woman’s superior; a goat. So why would I be attracted to the western woman?

No amount of calling me gay for not wanting you is going to change that, ladies.

It’s not me, it’s you.

I like tits and ass just fine. But, I know what your tits and ass are attached to; a horrible, disgusting, rotten soul setting me and my potential offspring up for a backstab and divorce-rape in man- and child-hating family courts. There’s no sense in starting something that I already know can’t go anywhere good; so why should I bother speaking to you? Only the brain-dead degenerates who care about one thing (because it’s all they can comprehend), still want you. It’s your own fault. Own it.

That’s why you can’t find a good man. You broadcast from across the room what a worthless piece of shit you are. You’re proud of the things you should be ashamed of.

(dammit, that’s twice I ended a sentence with a preposition)

That’s why we’re not hitting on you.

We’re not intimidated. We’re disgusted.

Sure. We could probably “keep up” with you. But, why?

We can “handle you” just fine; with nitrile gloves and a pooper scooper.

You’re junk. Every time you open your fat mouth and let one of these I’ve-been-rejected-so-now-I’m-going-to-loudly-try-to-proclaim-that-it-is-I-rejecting-you cookie cutter insults; you out yourself for every decent man to avoid like the plague you are.

Please, tell me the obviously fucked-up, fake definition of what you think a “real man” is again, and how I’m not it.

Please, tell me about the long train of pathetic beta losers you’ve run on yourself, which you refer to as “alpha males” to boost your ego; even though we both know trash losers are all you can get… Which is why you have to talk about what a skank you are as if it were a good thing… You can’t “make your point” without bringing up all your “experience.”

I have yet to meet the Thai Hooker who has had sex with more people than the typical 18-year-old western female! No, I don’t take either of their word at face value… But, hilariously enough, there are so many Thai Hookers that they generally don’t get a lot of customers, per-capita. Contrasted to the pathetic White Knights, Soy Boys, and Simps of the west… I’m surprised most western women can even count high enough to know how many hundreds of miles of loser dick they’ve run through themselves… and they aren’t even 20 yet…

And you think MGTOW are the problem? Oh, yeah, because they figured your shit out, so you have to call them names… Yeah, totally going to fix you…

Don’t get me wrong. Thai Hookers are, you know, hookers! I’m not stupid. I’m simply saying that if the scale went from 1 to 10, 1 being American Woman and 10 being Thai Hooker, obviously, I’d pick 10. I’d pick the best of what there is no matter what it was. In this particular case, 10 is not good enough, either. They’re merely 9 better than the alternative. They actually live up to some of my very basic standards, when western woman live up to none of them. Still hookers, so that’s a dis-qualifier.

But, it’s really the only thing that disqualifies them. I don’t mind hanging around them. I don’t mind having them as friends. They’re fun. They’re smart. They have a sense of humor. Never once hs one of them “been offended” in an effort to crybully me. Not once!

They’re surprisingly (or not) honest. I can take any random Thai Hooker that I’ve known for less than a day, hand her $5000 and say “Hey, would you mind exchanging this to Baht for me?” and sending her out the door. 20 minutes later, she comes back with the Baht, and the receipt from the exchange as proof that she isn’t a single Satang short. I don’t even have to ask for her to prove it. It’s as if they understand that honesty and trustworthiness are desirable traits…

And the kicker; responsibility. Most of them don’t want to do what they’re doing. But, they’ve made bad choices in life, accept that reality, and own their shit. Western women never, ever take responsibility, they’re narcissistic brats. Western women revel in being trashy sluts. Thai Hookers would rather not… It may be tolerated in Thai society, but it’s still a black mark. Western whores are celebrated for it.

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  1. I pretty much agree. I really agree with the last three paragraphs. I am sure you can check out my IP Address. You will see that I [am] on the same page with you on that. haha I got a house with a wife and kid on that side of the world for all those reasons.

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