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I still disagree with the anti-circumcision topic. It’s not even remotely close to the same thing.

Female Genital Mutilation is cutting off the clitoris! The “reason” is that women can’t trusted with pleasurable sex… Which, I have to admit, is factual. But, I sure as hell don’t advocate chopping of clits because women are whores… Even from the most anti-woman position I can imagine; I prefer to know if a girl can’t say no. Removing the temptation does not build character.

Sloppy extra foreskin has next to zero sensation, and is nothing but a threat of infection that very easily can result in full/partial necrosis of the sensitive part. With women neglecting their boys as they do… Yeah. Circumcision is frankly, is a no loss, possibly no gain but possibly avoiding a loss.

Yes, I said it; there is no loss of sexual function or pleasure due to being circumcised. The only thing lost is about a dozen percentage points off of the risk of infection, which very well could, and for many, does, deprive him of both of those.

Yes, I believe my son deserved the maximum likelihood of having a fully functional and fun dick when he grows up. The cost was; nothing. Yes. I did that. And, I don’t feel bad about it.

If you can reduce your chances of getting into a car accident by 11% doing something that doesn’t have any negative side at all, wouldn’t you do it?

If I can reduce the chances of my son’s dick being damaged by an infection and becoming less sensitive (or in the worse cases, completely rotting off), and the cost to him is absolutely nothing (same as it was for me); yeah, I’m doing that.

If it didn’t involve invasive surgery that creates risks of it’s own, I’d have his appendix removed up-front, too.

For the same fucking reason that I teach him to look both ways before he crosses the street; it avoids a potentially bad thing, with no downside.

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