Are Electric Cars Really Green?

Yes, they are. But, this is where I have to get off the blind-partisan-politics train to oblivion and actually think for myself and use muh brainz…

This is a topic on which conservatives are about as dumbass-dead-wrong as a human being can get, and then they keep on lying no matter how many times they’ve been proven wrong….

Reminds me of liberals…

I love most of what PragerU does, but producing pander videos to suit the monolith of a political faction, with total disregard to reality on the points where that faction is dead wrong… Shame.

Electric cars are wildly more efficient even when charged from fossil fuel power plants, because centralized power production is orders of magnitude more efficient than millions of small ICEs. PragerU has completely abandoned science and math on this one, simply to suit the generally-correct-but-not-this-time monolithic agenda of the right. It also neglects the fact that ICE cars don’t last but a few years, maybe a dozen, at most. Electric cars can last for centuries. The batteries can use solar or wind if you want. The materials used for the batteries are completely recyclable, nearly benign, and easily reusable. Everything about an electric car is lower resource, and longer lasting, so no need to acquire more resources to replace it, because it doesn’t need replacing.

How long do your ICE cars last? Electrics can go millions. Electric cars built in the 19th century STILL RUN like new, the only problem is that the materials have begun to self-recycle! Nobody knows how long a modern electric car can last, because we haven’t lived to be that old yet. Human civilization isn’t even that old yet… Been to a junk yard lately? How much does it take to recycle what little of an ICE car can be recycled? How much more often do you have to do it? This video is nothing more than an iteration of the long debunked “all you did was move the smoke stack” lie. The typical conservative dipshit that tries to argue against electric cars consistently fails to address this argument, because this alone completely destroys the angle. Forget oil. Lets talk about smelting and manufacturing.

PragerU, you’re a fucking liar and you know it (this time; you’re right about everything else).

If it’s so much better, why don’t you run your refrigerator on gasoline? The difference is minimal, right? Any number of electric appliances could be run on small ICEs. But it’s a terrible fucking idea because they don’t last anywhere near as long, and do indeed use WAY more fuel due to the gross inefficiency of small engines.

It’s not that electric is so much better. It’s that small combustion engines suck so horribly bad. The large combustion engines at the power plants, which you would never be able to fit in a car, are much, much, much more efficient. Electric cars simply provide us a way to take advantage of that larger combustion engine’s efficiency, while also adding their own extreme longevity into the production end of it. We still don’t know how long an electric car can last because the human race as a whole hasn’t yet existed long enough to find out.

It’s using a wire to connect to a much more efficient fossil fuel generator, while making sure that same care doesn’t end up in a landfill or need to be replaced, well, ever… The energy and resources that go into replacing the global vehicle inventory every year dwarfs the energy and resources of burning oil. The oil argument is irrelevant. That’s the real advantage of electric cars, and the argument nobody wants to address because it’s a light bulb conspiracy.

It’s obviously orders of magnitude more green when seen from the manufacturing perspective.

But, frankly; who gives a shit?

This begs the question; how much more awesome could an industrialized society become in promoting and advancing science, if it weren’t bogged down in the obnoxious retardation of re-producing shit ICE cars over and over again?

What could be accomplished of all those resources were freed up for something useful instead? The electric car gives this to us.

This is the true cost of the ICE; utter stagnation of the human race.

If you were actually doing something worth a shit, you wouldn’t have time to get triggered because somebody didn’t use your pronouns… But, we do the same old repetitive tasks with no advancement.

Idle hands… If not for the greed of the automotive light bulb conspiracy, we wouldn’t have these idle hands. The society that deliberately stagnates creates the cancer which brings about it’s well deserved Darwinian conclusion.

If you refuse to advance, the cancer of SJWs will grow inside and bring you down, to be replaced by something worthy.

SJW really are useful idiots. They are the rot that collects on the indolent. Decay and death have purpose, and they are it’s bearers.

Throughout history, societies which have declared “we are the pinnacle, no reason to get better. There is no such thing. We are perfection” have been consumed by this arrogance. It breeds, from the inside, a new generation of people taught that they are born perfect. Look outside for all of your problems. Never look inside. No reason. Character Development serves no purpose because you were born perfect. Ask any western woman…

Societies are made of people, not the other way around. Interestingly enough, PragerU makes a video about it…

…and they’re 100% right!

But what nobody ever asks, and I’ve seen no philosopher or historian address is; where do the spoiled brats come from?

It’s from the lack of Individual Character Development pointed out in this second video. A result of a society teaching it’s next generation that perfection has been achieved, and you’re it.

With an overwhelming majority American Industry convinced that it has already achieved perfection, why should it try to improve? There’s nothing better than what has already been done, right? We can lie and say there’s no reason to advance because muh electricz aren’t really better, let me lie to you why and how…

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