The problem with Conservatives…

A note to Conservatives; my supposedly fellow countrymen…

“The problem is, that no matter how often, how well or how incontrovertibly you prove [that] the gaunt faced blinking loons of the left are sheep faced fools, they’ll take no lesson, make no change, and continue to believe in their hate filled fantasy right up to the point when they shoot you in the back of the head and drag you to a shallow grave for the good of the state, after which it’s all rather moot.” – Wise YouTube Comment

Daisy Cousens makes the point: you stand there, sword in hand, refusing to strike. You could stop this inevitability, but you allow the republic to die a death of a thousand paper cuts. You allow your fellow countrymen to be taken out in droves; you do nothing.

You allow The Hangman to stroll about testing his rope’s strength. You serve these neo-Bolsheviks better than they serve themselves.

I’ve warned you about it for decades. You called me a tinfoil hat lunatic.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

When “good men” understand this, yet still do nothing; they cease to be good men.

Here we are. The zombie hoard is coming. I’ve got your back. You push me into the hoard…

Fuck you. I’m not going down like this.

I love the USA. But, the people barking the most about the problems, are refusing to strike. It is the ultimate back stab to those few of us actually doing something instead of useless talking.

It has come to the point that I must choose; be slaughtered, or find another place to call home.

I cannot live among the ingrate cowards that allowed this. They’re too arrogant to admit I was right, and continue to cast me out even though everything I said came true.

The dead accomplish nothing.

The number of people renouncing US citizenship has increased exponentially for many years. “They” try to downplay the numbers as statistically insignificant. But, “they” also do their best to hide the numbers, and have invented a renunciation fee, and massively increased it; in an effort to discourage the “problem.”

If it’s statistically insignificant, why go to so much trouble to hide it and stop it?

Because a small number of people are not, in fact, statistically insignificant; if you consider the rest of their demographic profile.

The good ol’ gross oversimplification lie…

These are the 99th percentile. The top. The best of the best.

There aren’t many people at the extreme high end of the bell curve. But, when they all leave, and only the dumb savages remain… That is anything but statistically insignificant.

I’m not willing to die for ingrates and cowards. Could have nipped it in the bud decades ago. But, calling me names and excommunicating me was chosen instead. Yet, I still held out and did my best for the Constitution that I love. Alone. Betrayed and slandered at every turn.

I’m told that there’s always a choice. Renunciation is my own doing, and disgraceful… Again, the smoke and mirrors of cowards and liars. “Get out or die” is hardly a choice, assholes. By refusing to strike, this is the so-called “choice” with which I am faced. You let it happen. You knew evil would triumph if you did nothing, so nothing you did, and still (don’t) do to this very moment.

I hate what I’m about to do.

Because of the work I’ve done, the deep state will never let me come back. I’ll never be able to get a visa. I’ll never see my parents again. If, somehow, you jackoffs manage to pull it out of the fire, you’ll forbid me getting a green card or naturalizing back again…

Why? Because I committed the crime of not being a coward. It makes you look bad. I am the contrast that exposes what shit you assholes really are. For loving, defending and promoting Americanism; I am banned from America! Fucking insane…

I dared to be Christ-like enough to flip the money-changers’ tables, and you refused. To garner favor with your god, The State, you stabbed me in the back and showed your masters my blood to spare your own.

You chose to fear the enemy, provide it comfort and aid, to seek it’s favor as “the smart move.” You offer me up as tribute.

And, you didn’t even get 30 pieces of silver for it… You got cowardice polished up as a badge of honor. Or, so you imagine it. I’m still not sure how you pick that turd up by the clean end, much less polish it. But, who cares what I think. I’m just a loser and a quitter, right? Fucking assholes…

I am not the way, the truth, and the life. Allowing myself to be crucified won’t help anyone. So, I won’t. I gave up self-preservation a long time ago. That’s not the point…

This is not because of liberal/leftist/democrat/neo-bolshevik deep state predation. That has and always will exist. It would be like blaming water for being wet.

This is on those who called me a fellow patriot, yet threw me to the lions. Those who stood with sword in hand and refused to strike The Republic’s enemies. My enemies. Those who saw me step up, and they stepped back. Those who knew full well where this was going (because I told them for 30 years), yet chose to be “good men” who did nothing; and set evil free to flourish.

It’s like “being asked to resign.” I’m not, technically, being fired. But, if I don’t resign, I will be. In this case, it’s “Renounce your citizenship or we’re going to murder you and hang your family out to dry.” I’ve already taken the “We’re going to murder you” challenge. In no way would I ever back down from that. Clearly, since I’ve already refused to back down from it, and won, twice.

It’s not about me.

I’d be happy if a lesson were learned. Just like the moonbats described in the Wise YouTube Comment above… You’re no different. For decades, I warned you. I told you what was coming. You cast me to the fringe as a weirdo lunatic. Now that it’s all come true, and some of you fuckheads are finally waking up… You continue to push me to the fringe because I remind you that it’s all your fault. I was right about everything. How much ugliness could have been saved if you listened? No. It’s not about me wanting any recognition, satisfaction, acknowledgement, or acceptance. I just want you to be responsible adults, admit that you fucked up, own your shit, and learn from it; so the future will be better. But, no. You absolutely refuse to own your shit. You’re every bit as stupid and arrogant as the moonbats. Prideful. Just cast that guy out so you don’t have to face it… Thump your chest. Whatever…

Fuck you.

I’ll be on muh bote.

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