Building from Fragments

I’ve been captivated by the morbid failure of the anti-humanity social movement. To clarify, the social trend to deny higher intellect and reduce one’s self to animal savagery as if it were a good thing. The rejection of the moral core and higher intellect. The promotion of degeneracy as enlightenment, and with a strong point on how women have joined government in embracing it as their ultimate goal.

I have asked the question before; if persons dispose of the thing which separates them from animals, do they not become animals? Reduced to it by their own will.

Is genetics alone a claim to humanity?

The answer is simple: No.

This is the ugliness which supposedly enlightened societies fail. It is promoted by the degenerates as self-preservation because…

Sometimes, there needs to be a purge. The Cancer grows under the guise of non-violence.

How “violent” is it to take an antibiotic? How dare you kill all those poor, innocent “Alpha” bacteria!

You evil bacteriaphobe! I identify as a single-celled micro-organism that is raising a family in your sinuses! How dare you!

Bitcoin’s lack of features is described similarly; as a “diverse, organic ecosystem.”

A septic tank is a diverse, organic ecosystem that accepts everyone equally. That doesn’t make it a good thing… I certainly do not enjoy living in it.

There is a difference between dehumanizing a person or demographic group, and merely recognizing that they have done it to themselves.

The downward slide into “barnyard talk,” as I call it. The stupid dialogue regarding “alpha,” “beta,” cuck,” etc. And, the fact that women live by this and have teamed up with government to destroy their own families, children, and partners for profit. If all your baby daddies are so “alpha,” why do they cry like pansies about “being oppressed?” If they’re so great, why can’t form coherent sentences, fall for your manipulative games, and have face tattoos? The delusions spiral on; black is white, short is long, up is down, weak is strong, smart is dumb, winner is loser… Anything to “feel” good about making the worst possible choices… They can lie to themselves, but they cannot lie to me.

I have solved many puzzles only to realize the answer had been provided, I simply didn’t know enough to realize that the answer was the answer. Even when I read it, I did not understand it. So few pursue and never discover. I did. And, my fractions added up. My pursuit led to what was already handed to me but I did not understand.

I was created in His image. I did not know what it meant to be a man after His own heart, but even as I misunderstood the words, I was pursuing it.

I have been trying to reflect that image. The Alpha. The Omega; I become a reflection of what I have pursued. Flawed, I do my best.

To mock me for this is to make a fool of yourself, I need not do it for you. I give not that which is sacred unto dogs. You cannot claim that I am “insufficient” for “failure” to be trash.

I am quite deliberately the opposite of trash, and no matter how much you glorify being trash, I will never reverse my path and pursue trashiness.

I do not belong among swine, and I am glad for it. Though I be surrounded by filth and suffer it’s hate; I will always resist. Savagely.

A self-begotten Miranda comes full-circle. I am but a humble, and completely insane, servant. The result and the conclusion. I Am The Consequence. The flawed reflection of the same image.

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