The Hydra of the Free Market

“They” cut off one head, and about 20 grew back:

Like catching smoke with a pitchfork… Government will always loose it’s War on Freedom and it’s War on Human Rights.

So they caught SR and BMR; big whoop. Now, there are dozens of Dark NEt markets, and hundreds of cryptocurrencies, not just BitCoin. Some, like Darkcoin, are focused on privacy and have some very innovative features that no other cryptocurrency has. Why hide it? Do you publish your bank account balances every day? It’s not more anonymous than cash. Is everyone who has a dollar in their pocket a drug dealer? People really need to pull their heads out of their asses… Privacy is not a crime. It’s a Human Right.

I have a prediction to make:

The Deep Web markets that allow weapons will probably last. Why? Mentality of the operators. Not so much Karma, though it might seem…

Druggies just don’t know how to do the job right. They fall into the category of people who just barely get it to work and don’t shore up their security because they don’t know how, and worse, are oblivious and don’t even know that they should. Ulbricht was using VPN for fuck’s sake! How dense can you get? LIVs in charge of deep web security on a tor hidden service… Riiiiiight…

Those markets that allow weapons are truly open, free markets. They’re much smarter people. They know what they’re doing and shore up their security because they know how and they know that they should. They’re not oblivious to the gaping holes. They don’t code while drunk and high. They might actually know what port knocking is…

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  1. keep the pearls coming, its always good to learn some new things from a person smarter than me but with the same mindset.

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