Ben, the imperfect

I usually agree with Ben, and loved most of his speech.

EDIT: More YouTube censorship of thoughts that prove their narrative/agenda is evil.

Ben, you’re conflating on the alt-right argument. If a given group of people is targeted for their identity, it was the attacker who did that, not them. It’s only natural for a targeted group to band together and fight back. Those people fighting back do not automatically agree with identity politics simply because they match in identity. That’s silly. They were targeted because of their identity and it wasn’t their idea. The suggestion that the alt-right is a mirror image of the alt-left is a lie that ignores obvious reality.

It is not the targeted group’s fault that their identities all match. It’s a natural result of a certain group being targeted. Just because they match does not mean that they agree with identity politics. They’re just people who found themselves in the same boat, categorized by the attacker, not their own will.

We also see Ben telling us what the alt-right is, and what the alt-right believes in. This is the game the Liberals play. “I’ll tell you all about those people, don’t go ask them yourself and find out. Just believe me when I tell you they’re horrible and don’t dare go see for yourself.” I’ll decide for myself what the alt-right is. Don’t play gatekeeper, it’s an attempt to cover up dishonesty.

It’s clear you’re lying about what the alt-right is, Ben. Your echo chamber is showing.

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