They Think it’s an Instruction Manual

…instead of a warning or a lesson.

God: “This is how shitty women conduct themselves.”
Modern Women: “Oh, so this is how to be shitty?”
God: “No, what I’m saying is…”
Modern Women: “Whee! I’m an evil whore!”
God: “Yes, but… It’s not a good thing.”
Modern Women: “Evil whores are in the Bible!”
God: [facepalm]
Modern Woman: “Where have all the Real Men gone?”
God: “They’re paying attention.”
Modern Women: “Misogyny! Patriarchy! Religion is outdated!”
God: “Enjoy the sand demon rape gangs!”
Modern Women: “You can’t rape the willing! Bring on the Alpha Males! I’ll hump them all!”
God: “MGTOW!”

Simps and White Knights…

Because “MGTOW can’t get laid.”

Because “MGTOWs got cheated on and are too weak and angry to figure it out.”

Sure… That’s totally it.

I’ve had so many Joseph Moments… But, I didn’t know she was married until after.

Marry the money, hump around behind his back with every loser you can find. They’ve been doing it from the beginning of time.

But, they do have the power now. Government is all about destroying family, and turning children and the home into weapons against men. Government will steal that home, and all his future earnings, and give it to her, if only she does government’s bidding and betray him and her own children. Cash and prizes; it’s all she wanted anyway, it’s the perfect system.

The only thing a woman loves more than her husband’s money and stuff, more than her children, her family, her home; betraying it all.

Feminism has taught women that the ultimate accomplishment and ultimate gratification is to betray it all.

Fempoints. This is how you score them. This is all that matters to a woman.

When a woman betrays her purpose, betrays her husband, betrays her children, betrays her family; she cease to have value in the eyes of Real Men. She becomes undesirable.

We find her, narcissistic used-up husk asking; “Where have all the good men gone? Why can’t I find a good man?”

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