Good Science is Bad Observation?

The test is great. The failure to interpret it in any way other than the pre-conceived notion desired, made it a waste.

The “Beautiful Ones” were the ones who lost interest in participating in a failing system. All they could gain is to be ripped to pieces. They were the superior specimens because they were the only ones smart enough to avoid the no-benefit mess.

Clearly, playing “alpha” didn’t save the population, did it? It all still fell apart even with plenty of other, supposedly “dumber yet better” mice still around. Every single time… No “High Velocity Mouse” was ever bred. They failed to mention that part, eh? Because that aspect of the experiment was predicated upon an agenda, not observation of what actually happened in the experiment.

Calling the smartest ones “dysfunctional” or “stupid” only exposes that the humans observing the experiment had the brain of a mouse. …or a pre-conceived agenda that they were going to assert no matter what, and the experiment served as nothing but a very complex song and dance.

The desperate need to mock others to make one’s self feel better is the path taken, instead of learning that human intellect causes the human “beautiful ones” to manifest in a very different way. They are the best specimens, preserving themselves, and looking for an exit to a suitable environment; which did not exist in these experiments.

Isolating themselves was the only option because there was no escape, which is what they sought first.

Calling the smartest ones stupid… Where have we seen simple minds do that before?

“But, even the mice that were removed maintained their new behaviors.” you say.

Yes, see the absence of human intellect mentioned above.

This experiment is only useful if you observe it with an open mind, and correlate the control factors. Deliberately failing/refusing to do so only proves you’re in denial of Phase 4.

Another aspect they failed to mention, is that the available resource limits were never exhausted, or even reached. Not even remotely close… This system failure was entirely behavioral. The less intelligent and more hormonal and violent, the more rapid the collapse. The largest population point consisted of the majority behaving badly. The dumber ones joined the crowd, the smarter ones rejected it for being stupid.

Looking physically like the best specimen only reflected the inward reality that they were the mental superiors as well, because it was the mental superiority that came first, but could only be observed after it manifested in a visible way. The results were not measured until after extreme trauma had occurred. Thus, the inability to re-integrate even when placed in a new, suitable environment. If the people performing the experiment had been smarter, they would have removed those smarter mice before they reached the breaking point. Again, we see the experimenters meddling in their own experiments, in order to obtain a pre-conceived result. In every repeat of this experiment, not one time, ever, do they remove the “High Velocity” or “Beautiful Ones” before the point of no return is reached. Only after they are pushed past the breaking point, are any further experiments performed. With planned and predictable results. Both failed to re-populate or re-integrate. But, only the “Beautiful Ones” faiulure is mentioned and denigrated. The “High Velocity” experiments failed equally, even though significantly more interference/effort was put into trying to make it succeed. So, that failure was actually even more spectacular, but we’re left hanging, not being told the result… The manipulation towards a specific agenda is palpable.

The best specimens were the ones smart enough to GTFO, but they were forbidden from doing so. They made the best of what little they had instead of jumping into pointless violent forays to be the biggest turd in the bowl. The agenda-driven observers portray this as if it happened in a vacuum. Plenty of mice were still engaged in the downward spiral of females acting like males, homosexuality, and pointless violence. I guess, being leftists, mentioning that would have been bigotry, eh? Hate facts! Hate speech!

Yet, they don’t bother to mention that this didn’t fix anything. The colonies still collapsed. And, they single out a handful of “The Beautiful Ones” for what? They were, by admission, total non-participants! The behavior that led to the collapse was not theirs, but all the others. I say it again; it still collapsed every time, didn’t it? Just ignore that…

The rapid decline continued to extinction regardless of “The Beautiful Ones.” So, why the need to declare them dysfunctional when all the evidence says otherwise? The following experiments to breed the “High Velocity Mice” were absolute failures. Take the hint?

Maybe they “thrived in the chaos,” but… The colony still collapsed. That doesn’t sound like “thriving” to me… Flat-out lied to our faces about the results of the experiment, even though we’re looking right at it. How many fell for it, or didn’t even notice, until I pointed it out? That’s just how easy brainwashing is…

You can’t breed a non-genetic trait, dipshits!

Nature vs. Nurture. Completely ignored it.

All in the name of an agenda.

This is what “science” has become.

Social dependency becomes the fatal trait. Social Skills have no value but manipulating and mooching off of your fellow mouse. Socializing itself devolves to nothing more than properly timed violence. When none are left capable of being productive, then there is nothing left to mooch, and all those social skills become moot. You’re left with the social version of an autoimmune disorder; no one knows how to survive except by destroying his neighbor. Inner City ghettos and gangs forming groups with no function but to destroy the other. Those not smart enough to know better prefer it, because a life of actual productivity is beyond their mental capacity. Rap glorifying being a hormonal loser as if it were a good thing… Thug fuckers. Degenerates breeding like flies in a dumpster. Welfare. Crotch farming.

No one with a brain wants any part in that. White Flight. So, they check out of that society to the maximum extent available. Trap them in a pit with those they are trying to escape, they just find a quiet corner and keep themselves tip-top in preparation for a major environmental change. The possibility of which was prevented here. They said it themselves even before any mice were introduced. Were the mice afforded an escape from the cesspool before it became irreversibly traumatic, the “Beautiful Ones” and the “High Velocity Mice” would have found another option. The tip-top specimen that’s smart enough to avoid the failing system, is the ultimate colonizer of a new environment. Lets not mention that fact…

But, they were deprived of that, and the experiment’s observers failed to consider this even though they outlined it before a single mouse was dropped in the box… They sabotaged it by traumatizing them past the point of no return for a mouse’s lesser intellect and expected us not to notice that little bit, prior to putting them in a new environment. Assuring the “dysfunctional” results they were looking for, but labeling only one group “dysfunctional” and the other “superior” even though both failed to re-populate or re-integrate…

Some realize they will never escape and will die in this mess, so why not go out and kill as many as you can? Why live a miserable life when you can kill many of those responsible while putting an end to your own suffering? Mass shootings. For those stripped of their humanity and any alternative, vengeance is the most they can ever hope for. It’s the only objective or accomplishment available to them, and their desire to “do something, anything at all” is the only personality trait left to them… A cornered animal.

Mice don’t have money, so they can’t bribe one of the observers to pick them up and put them somewhere else… They can’t buy their way into a new environment.

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