What really happened in Charlottesville?

Oh, Stefan… Argument is wasted upon the knife driven into your chest.
You can’t convince your heart, with sound argument, to start beating again.

You can’t explain math to a tiger that is eating your face.
You either let it eat you, or you kill it.
It’s already too late, the battle is upon you, and you want to talk it over…
You will lose.

It doesn’t matter what enlightenment lies within if the vessel is a stain on the concrete.
How much was lost when museums and libraries were burned in conquest?
Embrace your savagery, or lose everything.

There is no cure or rehabilitation for what The Left has become.
You either kill it, or it kills you.

You can’t teach, to a rabid animal, the difference between a tablespoon and a soup spoon.
But, you can be fool enough to die trying.

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