Solar Array Help – IV

So, I did stack the packs into a single tunnel with 2m allthread, m6x1. 24v modules bound as a single 48v on one end. Jam nuts, cordless drill, sexy time.

I’ve been making parallel cables. 8x 12ga stranded copper fits perfectly into 1x 4ga lug. Hammer crimp in the 20 ton press. Thermal adhesive heat-shrink.

I’m definitely violating best practice standards, but it’s temporary.

MEANWELL 48v DC power supply acquired. These can run in parallel. I’ll use them for bulk backup charging off of the china freight generator. Sloppy compared to an axial 3-phase “DC” charger mounted to a Listeroid flywheel, but it’ll work for now.

Glasstic insulators acquired for bus bar.

Bus bar design commencing.

I’ll use the Inverter to load the highest voltage pack until the V matches the next lowest, etc.; adding the cells as their voltages match to avoid Bad Things when connecting the currently uneven batteries.

That’s a lot of paralleling…

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