Ben Nailed It.

He’s still not quite on point, but Ben basically says what I’ve been saying for about 15 years now.

EDIT: More YouTube censorship of thoughts that prove their narrative/agenda is evil.

The original feminist movement was absolutely legitimate and a Good Thing.

Read the previous sentence two more times.

Feminism today imagines the worst degenerate of a man and idolizes that trash as the pinnacle of manhood. The worst man is the best man. The scum is king. Black is white, up is down, short is long. Reality inversion.

This is the rise of the “bad boy.” This is the representation of a pseudo-male that barely qualifies as human, much less a man, as an “alpha male.” The weakest, dumbest, trashiest, most useless man is considered the ultimate.

So, they demand equality with this lowest of the low instead of demanding that trash step up, like the original feminists did. The agenda now is that instead of men being swine, we’re all swine. Women have the right to be absolute shit. How is this a good thing?

I preferred women when they were better than this. Now that there’s nothing but trash reproducing like flies in a dumpster…

Swine like to wallow in shit.

I don’t.

This is the divide between angry MGTOW, and MGTOW of my variety. Yes, the jerks that can’t get laid and are mad about it certainly do exist. And it’s sad. In an age where women idolize failure and trashiness as the ideal man, how can you manage not to get laid?

My complaint is that it’s way too easy.

Sex is a meaningless weapon. A form of income. A business. Crotch farming of unloved children. This isn’t about Men’s Rights. This isn’t bout biological essential-ism. This is about the little people. And, there’s nothing a woman hates more than a man who cares about his potential offspring; because he won’t allow her to get away with all of the above. “I have no use for you.” is the motto of this trash. Of course you have no use for me, I won’t be used, and neither will my yet unborn children. I put my foot down, and there’s not a fucking thing the hos can do about it. Cue the name calling.

There is a reason why gun owners are attacked with the “you have a small dick” nonsense. The speaker of such a phrase views sex as a weapon. It may be the worst mental defect a person can have. It’s fucking disgusting to view what is meant to be a symbol of union and ultimate love as a weapon.

But, that’s what it has become.

And that’s why I don’t want it. I can’t want it. And, I can’t want someone who knows its true and likes it that way. There is no possible way to have a conversation, much less a healthy relationship, with someone so severely demented. Severely demented is, unfortunately, the best definition for women since they fell for this reality inversion. Men like me, the top 1% of the top 1%, need to weed them out. If you find me offensive; it’s not an accident. I know what triggers the trash. Save your “advice,” ya dumb ho. Trashy hos just cant understand that they are not the one in a position of power. They’re so used to dealing with losers and pretending they’re winners, that they don’t realize the emasculation and insults that work on the losers don’t work on a real man. Clueless, narcissistic one-trick whore-ponies that keep on playing the same cards even when they don’t work, because it’s all they’ve got.

I’m not MGTOW when it comes to women. I just have standards, and women don’t. Until that changes…

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