A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Now that the fish have thrown away all their bicycles, why are they even more pissed off than they already were? They got exactly what they wanted.

You’d think the only thing less useful to a Fish, than a Bicycle, would be Crocodile Tears; yet we find them in abundance. The salt mining is real…

Real men possess the intellect to call the bluff. Have fun with your baby-daddy losers and cats.

Turns out, women aren’t fish after all. Without men to mooch off of, they get grumpy. Do you need the bicycle, or want the bicycle? There’s a difference.

You can re-label the betas you’re left with as alphas, but it won’t make it true. A bad boy is exactly that, a boy, who isn’t even good at it. If they were worth a damn, you wouldn’t have a collection of them drooling over your inappropriate selfies…

The deeper they sink into their delusions, the more obvious the choice to forget about women becomes.

No longer fit for purpose.


Too narcissistic to realize that they no longer do the choosing.

You have the right to be a trash whore.

I have the right to know better than to get involved with a trash whore.

If you were worth knowing, you’d appreciate a man who bothers to notice the difference.

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