A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Now that the fish have thrown away all their bicycles, why are they even more pissed off than they already were? They got exactly what they wanted.

Why do they complain that they can’t find a good bike, immediately after being rejected by the most expensive bike they’ve ever seen?

Why do they list off a bunch of material attributes that a good bike should have, yet look into their past and every seat-less bike they’ve ridden is the total opposite, most of which don’t even have tires, a chain, paint, handlebars… You’re not even sure most of them actually are bikes at all, but a small, sad heap of rusting junk that she calls an “alpha bike” to make herself feel better about having rammed hundreds of them up her hooch… You know, maybe having watched that happen a few dozen times is, all by itself, a good enough reason for the expensive bikes to reject her? Not to mention all the other character failings such behavior exposes…

You’d think the only thing less useful to a Fish, than a Bicycle, would be Crocodile Tears; yet we find them in abundance. The salt mining is real… Have you ever seen a fish cry?

Real men possess the intellect to call the bluff.

Turns out, women aren’t fish after all. Without men to mooch off of, they get grumpy. Do you need the bicycle, or want the bicycle? There’s a difference.

You can re-label the betas you’re left with as alphas, but it won’t make it true. A bad boy is exactly that, a boy, who isn’t even good at it. If they were worth a damn, you wouldn’t have a collection of them drooling over your inappropriate selfies…

The deeper they sink into their delusions, the more obvious the choice to forget about women becomes.

No longer fit for purpose.


Too narcissistic to realize that they no longer do the choosing. This one is the most hilarious, I think. They complain about not being asked out by “good men,” yet still can’t grasp that it’s because it is they who are not measuring up; which is why nobody is asking them out. They aren’t being picked. They aren’t being chosen. Yet, they still think they can lay out demands…

They sit in judgement of men as if men don’t have agency or choice in the matter. As if men aren’t using their own standards and judgement to weed them out. As if their trashy so-called “standards” they throw out after being rejected aren’t exposing all of the negative, ugly, un-feminine, petty, materialistic, selfish, greedy, entitled, lack of good character… Get rejected, act like a bitch and remove all doubt that rejecting her was the right move. Do you really think that’s ever going to work out?

You have the right to be a trash whore.

I have the right to avoid trash whores.

If you were worth knowing, you’d appreciate a man who bothers to notice the difference between seed and chaff… But, you are the chaff, and you’re pissed about it. Being chaff is bad enough, being a bitch on top of it is appealing to nobody, and compounds the problem instead of fixing it.

This is “Why can’t I find a good man?”

Even when they’re not dumb or a whore, or both…

What “top man” wants a macho woman? They make men of themselves. They lack all feminine traits. They’re like cross-dressers, but worse… If I admired and desired masculine qualities; I’d be gay!

So, no straight man wants a macho girl, obviously. Because he’s not gay and he likes femininity. A gay man wants an actual man. These “strong, independent, successful women” are judging themselves through their own lens. They see themselves embodying all the traits that they want in a partner, failing to realize that these are all masculine traits. They refuse to ever listen to a man talk about what he wants, so how could they realize that men don’t want the same things because they’re men? They lash out with man hate, “not man enough,” “intimidated.” Nope. Manly men don’t want manly women, and you are a manly woman. The victims of feminism are the women who fall for this “be macho” crap. Equal does not mean identical, but you made yourself identical. Only the most screwed-up, desperate, pathetic men are going to settle for this… Yet they think they’re entitled to own a collection of money and stuff attached to a man’s body. And he better be half her age and ripped, too… Why? Women project their lit fuse biology, too. Acting like a man won’t make menopause go away. Men don’t have to be young to fertilize an egg. They’ve got it completely backwards, and posture themselves as angry and ready to back stab any man they meet for not meeting them sooner… You don’t really have to worry about kids being screwed over, because they’re too old to have any… Who would want such a screwed-up person? They’re not usually bad people, they’re simply undesirable to a real man.

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