Man, he did it again…

Real People in a Real Relationship.

The unfortunate reality is that no woman wants this. They want soulless, hormonal simpletons they can line up for attention whoring on social media, wake up at 2pm after neglecting the 5 kids they already have by 5 different so-called fathers which they can’t even identify, and scroll down the list to decide which pathetic tool they’re going to use today.

Real men are not wanted because we won’t allow that shit.

No woman wants a real, committed relationship. They want The OC, Desperate Housewhores, and the Cartrashians. They want to be nothing but a disgusting savage, with a list of faux-men on social media just as bad as she is, that she calls “alpha” males. They’re not even people anymore… Why develop a mind, heart, and soul, when you can just be a fuck hole and demand that men be no better? Feminism tells women that all they need to be is the hole they were born with, and pretend to be oppressed, bitch and complain until men give them all the free stuff and privileges they demand. Reinforce the worst female stereotypes. Elevating to equality? Really? Fucking ridiculous… Could you get any lower?

I can’t be interested in bestiality even if I try. I have standards and women just don’t make the cut anymore.

Be all liberated and “equal” to the worst pig of a faux-man you can imagine.

You have the right to be a trashy whore.

I have the right to standards.

No. I don’t date a lot anymore. I don’t have to. Women wear this trashiness on their sleeves now. I don’t have to waste time and money going on dates to find out they don’t measure up. I can tell from across the room. They’re proud to be garbage…

MGTOW? I guess… I went my own way a long time ago simply by having a brain in a society of disgusting garbage… Gender had little to do with it. Best choice I ever made.

No matter how much money I make, or don’t make, there’s no payoff because this society has nothing to offer me. It’s been emptied out. They’re empty, nothing, animal savages. Feral humans are the norm, and I have no place in it, nor do I want one.

Be the monkey that flings the most poo. Be the biggest turd in the bowl. Whatever. Even if you take first place at the Special Olympics, you’re still retarded.

Fuck off, losers.

Women just can’t stop celebrating the gutter…

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