It was never about Open Carry

The case brought the the Florida Supreme Court regarding Open Carry went exactly as we expected. Open Carry has been struck in favor of agenda-driven nonsense.

I was never interested in this case through any hope that the corruption of the Judicial Branch Would suddenly and magically be lifted. I was interested in it because the verbal acrobatics, logical dysfunction, and cognitive dissonance needed to make their positions seem justifiable would essentially out them.

The meat of it is that the Justices responsible for the majority opinion made their decision on a hypothetical. Which is a reprehensible abortion of jurisprudence. On it’s face, they knew it would not stand. They know full well that their desired position has not a leg to stand on. Which is why it was accompanied by deceptions even worse.

Not only was their finding based upon a hypothetical, they pretended facts unavailable, thus the need for the hypothetical. They denied evidence that opposed their desired agenda, and invented hypothetical pseudo-facts to replace that evidence.

We’ve seen this pattern of corruption growing throughout the past several decades of our once great nation’s decay. The Left has made an art of it. But, it’s time to recognize that this is not merely a Left vs Right battle. This is a Corruption vs Decency battle. Favor comes to any who help the Corrupt get away with what they do.

This has been the most transparent and obvious example of the deception tactics our government has learned to use against us. This is not merely a “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” It has become a thing much worse. This is “The Emperor has no clothes, and he’s shoving it in our face.”

This is the barest that this declaration of War against Decent Americans by the Government and it’s sycophants has yet been. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. They’re flaunting their corruption right in our face and daring us to take action against them.

This was never really about Open Carry. It was about just how far they were willing to go to justify their violations, and whether they were willing to stretch the lies so thin that we can see right through them. This is about the enemies of freedom among us, having grown so confident, comfortable and bold, that they no longer fear reprisal.

No doubt, there are many who are happy and agree with the findings because it suits their own agendas. But, do these same people then not also complain of the power being amassed by the chipping away of the limitations placed against government? Will they not realize that this is the same old Government ploy to divide and conquer? That the same power added to Government today, giving them their gloating ego trips, will eventually be turned against them? That no one is safe from a Government that acts so flagrantly?

Concealed Carry 007 wannabees don’t seem to realize they’ve sided with the anti-gun lobby. The consequences will be reaped, and the same Concealed Carriers will cry about it…

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