Not another TheBlaze article…

There are several things wrong here.

1) I think homosexuality is wrong.
2) I don’t like the promotion of sexual activity to children.
3) Implanting totally unrelated political agendas into a classic storyline is absurd.

Even though I have no reason to do so, I’m going to erase point 1. IT is useless for debate because the root is fundamental, and we’ll just discount each other’s position outright. I’m right, you’re wrong, end of discussion.

2 and 3 are the point of discussion.

We already see The Left promoting the idea of trans-age-ism… There’s no such thing as a pedophile, there’s just young people in old bodies… Just the same as the absurdity of a man in a woman’s body, or that Shuan King is the slightest bit black. Trans shit is bullshit. I will also concede that Blaire White is my favorite fucked-up weirdo.

It is wrong to promote sexual concepts to the pre-pubescent. Period. It doesn’t matter if it’s one I agree with or not. The conflation of hetero-normative as a contrast to that is a lie.

Love does not have to be sexual.

Heterosexuality is the biological normal; our species disappears without it. It does not compete with, displace, oppress, or prevent anything else. If you want to be a fucked up weirdo, that’s fine. Go do it. But, don’t promote it. Especially not to children, you sick fuckers.

If I stick an “all men should suck dick” bumper sticker on the Mona Lisa, that’d be disgusting.

If I hang a “heterosexuality is the best” sign around the neck of Michaelangelo’s David, that’d be disgusting, too.

It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with the message. It’s wrong to put it there.

The conflation of art and propaganda in The West has become absurd and is a major contributor to uncultured, uneducated trash being the norm.

There is no more education, only indoctrination.

There is no more culture, only feral humans sniffing each others’ asses and pounding gonads like a fucking petting zoo.

Human relationships are dead. It’s nothing but animal savagery now. This shit is a major causal factor.

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