On Snowflakes

I’ve been thinking about Snowflakes, Safe Spaces, and Echo Chambers.


If you were as outrageously detached from reality as Snowflakes and The Ebonic Plague are, maybe you’d try to warp other peoples’ perception of reality to meet your own delusions? Maybe you’re not a propagandist mastermind. Maybe you’re just so severely fucked up that you do this without even knowing it.

Kinda like a woman.

Maybe you’re so wrapped up on hormones and instincts, and conflating them as feelings and emotions, and this concept was presented to you and learned as a child. Maybe your understanding of morality and logic is so crude and rudimentary, that the only thing you really know is spitting out lines and putting on acts until something works to get you what you want? Maybe you’re not deliberately deceptive, selfish, and manipulative. Maybe it’s all you’ve ever known and it’s normal to you. Maybe that’s why you don’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe your mental, emotional, and social development is stunted because socializing itself is reduced to a petting zoo level. Maybe there really is such a thing as being a product of your environment when the echo chamber bubble is so well sealed off that the mere suggestion has never managed to get through?

Such a thing is possible, and I’ve recently observed it. The Trump Wiretapping reporting. There are real reasons why Trump believes it to be true. But, you’d never know it watching the media. This isn’t about Fake News per-say. It’s about the absolute control of information they have.

They can simply blackout information to keep on promoting the “Trump has no proof” narrative.

Which doesn’t even make sense. But, since when does the Democrats’ narrative need to make sense?

Democrats have perfected the art of the cover-up. They do so much dirty shit they’ve had to. They know full well what an investigation is because they are the ultimate professionals in hiding things during one. They know full well that the whole fucking point of investigating is to find the proof. Of course he doesn’t have it right now. All he’s got is reasonable, articulable suspicion. That’s where every investigation starts. Fucking duh.

Why is it that when they’re running cover-ups they can navigate every bureaucratic delay and loop hole that nobody else has even heard of, but when it’s the other guy catching them in the act, suddenly they have no idea how this works and the media’s ability to report it all wrong is in perfect lockstep?

Nobody notices this? It’s the same pattern ever since Democrats and their Media lapdogs have existed.

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