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It was a damn pleasure to read this article.

It’s a rare find that someone can speak on this topic without speaking out their ass. And, it’s nice to know I’m not alone… I’ve come to all the same conclusions for all the same reasons.

It seems Apple took the FBI’s threat to the 4th and 5th Amendments pretty damned seriously. Android is playing catch up for the first time ever, and Google doesn’t seem to be caring that much…

I find it ironic that the likes of Google and Facebook showed up to back Apple on this, while they still do everything they think they can get away with to censor free speech and drive the neo-soviet narrative on their platforms. When have Google, Facebook or Apple cared about the EFF? Why does Apple still block almost all crypto-apps on their app store?

Intel has still not provided a satisfactory answer to my AMT/(i)EM IPMI-turned-SkyNet concerns

You’ll also notice a slight-of-hand in their response… Stating that their CPUs don’t have any EM vulnerabilities. Well, duh. EM isn’t in the CPUs. It’s in the northbridge chipset. So, they provided an answer to a question that wasn’t asked.

If one can upload a firmware so fundamental to the operation of the system that it can actually fix/dodge errata; it can install an undetectable OOB keylogger with no end-user knowledge even when the machine appears to be turned off, too. I’m not suggesting that’s why they invented it. Simply that it can be used to do this. Their current security-through-obscurity model means pretty much anyone could do this to any AMT-equipped Intel platform.

After that comes the motherboards I got in the mail that had BIOS versions that didn’t match downloadable checksums. Oh, but that’s not all… The checksums matched when I was at home on clearnet. But, they didn’t match when downloaded via tor or from a random WiFi… MIM the ISPs much, guvtrash? Go ahead and let them break into certain things… Let the hubris flow…

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