Fun With Snowflakes

Generic: [pirate voice]Yaarrr! Trigger me timers![/pirate vice]


“lyterature,” “womyn” and other substitutions of the letter “y” are a subconscious manifestation of penis envy resulting from their absent “y” chromosome. True facts.

And my Valentine’s Day poem to Feminazis:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You’re gonna get raped
Cuz I’m bigger than you

Black Li(v)es Matter: This one is my favorite. It’s poetic and has so much specific meaning in it.

We’re not supposed to call them shitskins, or niggers, or any other “bad” words. Police the language. Ad Hominem, etc…

So, to faux-respect that, we hearken back to the days of yore. Remember the good ol’ Bubonic Plague? The Black Death?

Remember that bullshit of actually teaching “ebonics?”

The Ebonic Plague.

I like this for so many reasons…

1) I’m not racist. I just like to set off the shitheads. [virtue signal warning] The two hottest girls I’ve ever *ahem* been with, were black. I mean, stupid hot…

2) I like the finer point. It’s pretty common for actual racists to use “nigger” or “shitskin,” so using those terms comes with the stigma and doesn’t describe that I am singling out a specific group of black people, not referring to all black people.

The Ebonic Plague. The perfect description of the precise demographic I mean to name. A true masterpiece of wordsmithing.

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