Nailed it!

I normally wouldn’t link TheBlaze, but this time, Walsh absolutely nailed it.

This is why I live in the woods and speak to no one. The tiniest hint of intellect or decorum and you’ll be buried under a mountain of hate from the trash-turned-normal that rules American Society.

This is why Jerry Springer went off the air. It did not stop being hilarious to watch trash make a spectacle of itself. Trash became the norm and there’s none left to see the problem.

Western Societies have become Lord of the Flies meets Charles Manson, in a post-pubescent petting zoo for feral humans who are so damned proud of themselves for it.

This is why I wear my PJs to Wal Mart and speak like an illiterate buffoon; I don’t want to stand out. I can’t carry that much ammo. But, I’m workin’ on it.

Besides, it keeps the gold-diggers away… I have standards.

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