Dear Politically Correct FedEx HR Department

I really don’t care that you stick to a “strictly black people from the worst area in Jacksonville” hiring policy. You do whatever you want. But, you should be aware that it is having a detrimental effect on your business.


Democrats. Media.

Sure, there’s a lot of backlash about Social Justice Warriors and Fake News calling everyone but themselves Fake News… The problem is the targeted demographic.

The people you are hiring are brainwashed and terrified to deliver packages outside of city limits. Today was the first time I managed to actually talk to one of your delivery people.

Usually, I hear the van coming down my driveway. They usually don’t even make it all the way down. I can see them from my kitchen window. Eyes wide open. Cussing to themselves. Sometimes they make multiple phone calls to I’m not sure who. They sit there gripping the steering wheel like it could save them if I really were the trigger-happy KKK redneck they’ve been told I am… $10,000 package, signature required? Fuck that, toss it on the ground and peel out. Dirt, gravel and grass flying… And these are the times that the box actually makes it sort-of to me. More often, they toss it on a neighbor’s porch. Or worse, not even in the same neighborhood. Packages are occaisonally delivered to addresses that in no way resemble mine, miles away. I guess once you hear banjos, it’s all the same, right?

But, for the last few days, I decided to force the system… I had a rather important package full of sandblaster repair and upgrade parts mis-delivered to, uhm, somewhere. So I just let FedEx deal with it. Called them up, described the situation. The gears slowly turned… They even called back to follow up, but, of course, only to let me know that they know nothing, driver says package delivered. Yes, sure, but not to me. Again.

So, how do I end up with my packages? It’s become a bit of a neighborhood joke that my neighbors provide “last mile” delivery for me. We do it for each other, but it happens to me the most. And it’s always FedEx. UPS, DHL, USPS, no problem. The entire region has taken to requesting “no FedEx” any time we order something online. Why? Because every UPS driver I’ve ever seen is white. Every DHL driver I’ve ever seen is white. Every USPS driver I’ve ever seen is white.

Now don’t get your race card out and play it just yet. I ranted about Stupid People a while back. The sole non-stupid person I dealt with, the Wilson Trucking fellow, was black. I couldn’t have asked for better service or more professional attitude. This is not about me being racist becaue I’m not. I will use the word “nigger” to troll a douche bag if s/he is also black, just because it suits and it’s funny to watch them get triggered, but I digress…

This is about racist media and racist democrat politicians pumping urban black people so full of fear that it’s affecting business. I don’t want some poor guy to have a heart attack if he just happens to show up to deliver a package while I’m dumping a few mags on my personal range… It’s just a gun. Calm your tits… smh.

I represent an entire region of Suwannee County, FL that goes out of our way to request “no FedEx” because of this problem. There is a wide area, a few hundred mile radius from Jacksonville, which is serviced by this same FedEx terminal. So, it is logical to conclude that we aren’t the only ones who this happens to, and who have implemented such a “please, no FedEx” policy. How much money is FedEx losing because of this propaganda and their seemingly benevolent desire to give jobs to what they’ve been told are “underprivileged” poor helpless black people? Seriously, how can you think of blacks as stupid and helpless and not be racist as all fuck? Anyway…

I have some shipments/vendors who only use FedEx or DHL. I select DHL even though they’re more expensive. I use UPS whenever USPS is not an option. USPS is preferred, by far. Cheap as dirt, faster than all the others put together, and only one lost package (I’m excluding the aftermath of the fraudulent investigations in which an external agency deliberately scrambled up the packages they searched with rubber-stamped warrants, and also planted evidence, because there was nothing else they could do to cause me trouble) in the entire time I’ve been shipping product. ONE out of tens of thousands! I’ve used the others only a few dozen times, with a roughly 40% failure rate on top of costing several hundred percent more… The argument to privatize is, uh, not there.

If you’re going to go out of your way to hire only inner-city black people who have been brainwashed by democrats and the media, do them and yourselves a favor and tell them not to listen to the bullshit. It’s hurting your business and makes black people look incompetent.

Even the SCSO is coming around to realize that the stuff they’ve been told by the Feds, the FDLE, and other Law Enforcement Agencies, and statist douche bags that I’ve removed from my life, about me, is a load of bullshit. How many rubber-stamped fraudulent investigations have bourne no fruit? How many attempts to plant drugs and machine guns on my property? How many inappropriate message from cops posing as underage kids on social media? I’ve lost count. The effort to slander me and make some kind of false charge stick has been huge. Yet, still nothing.

I have one dick neighbor that calls the SO every time I shoot, which is not very often and always during appropriate hours. The last time they showed up for such a call, I managed to coax the Deputy out of his car (after asking me “You’re not going to shoot me, are you?”) to pop off a few rounds with me. Even the cops are afraid…

But, they’ve all been white, except for one black Deputy who was a complete asshole…

If the cops and I can find a way to get along, or at least act like it, I think anybody should be so able… Come on, FedEx.

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