Almost 4 years ago…

I wanted to hold on to this one for a while, just to make a point.

You were playing pool against a guy who is legally blind and just barely won. And still, only because I let you win. Because I knew you were a fedpig and I wanted to feed your already overblown ego.

Overconfidence is a guvthug’s greatest weakness. Act submissive and weak. They’re animals and thrive on body language signals, inflection, etc. They think they’re “reading” people.

Reality is that they’re over-hormonal animals which makes it easy to cross their wires by faking the behaviors they’re “trained” to interpret.

The most predictable quality of the neuro-typical is their ability to forget that I am not one of them.

It’s not that cops are crap. It’s that crap is hand-picked for the job by much larger turds. The demented people are already out there. It’s those doing the hiring that seek these defectives…

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