Banks were the first Cloud. It’s not a new concept.

For a long time, I’ve been in search of “the next money.” It’s an inevitable invention that will be forged in the pressure of government corruption and mismanagement of fiat money. But, what will it be?

The clueless Libertarians will tell you it’s Bitcoin. It’s not. Even Bitcoin’s inventor, who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, told the world it was an experiment.

But, as is often done by millennials, and those attempting to hold on to their youth by imitating the younger generation, The Bitcoin Experiment was rushed into use by people who did not understand the experiment and cannot even perceive the experiment due to a lack of technical aptitude.

I’ll explain a problem I’m having with Bitcoin right now, which isn’t new and occurs quite a lot. I sent a payment for an invoice for services. I had to send it through because I don’t use Bitcoin directly. I know it’s defects and hold my money in systems that are less messed up. The front end of that transaction worked fine, because it’s not Bitcoin. But, once it hit the Bitcoin network, it stalled. Can’t get block inclusion.

I’ll spare you the drama about blocksize politics and massive nerd egos.

These are only two of Bitcoin’s failings, and the two least problematic ones, at that!

It’s been 14 hours. I sent the money, but the person to whom I owe it, still hasn’t gotten it. Maybe never will… Will it boomerang? That’s the natural result, but since the origin, as far as the busted and old Bitcoin protocol is concerned, is, I’ll never get it back.

This also plays into the double spend “it’s a feature not a bug” bullshit. But, again, I don’t want to get off track…

Now how does that apply to the headline? The first two sentences of this post?

Privacy. Humans are finally getting the first glimpse of what it’s like to be stripped of privacy now that the digital age has put so much more of our lives into The Cloud. Much more than just our money, as with the first usage of Banks. There are narcissists and attention whores that like it that way, but far more people who do not.

Most take this loss of the basic and essential human right to privacy as an inevitable and foregone conclusion based on “they” will never let us have our privacy. The excuse making, that we all need to give up our privacy so “government can do it’s job.” A job which no mortal can do, but I don’t want to get too far off track. I’ll keep it short and simply point out that so many worship government as an omnipotent god-like entity, that it’s hilarious that these same people claim to be atheists…

OK, no I won’t. Government is not a god. It offers to do the impossible, and then the fools get mad when “The politicians didn’t keep their promises!” No shit! They promised to shut off gravity so you could flap your arms and fly away. You gave up all of your rights and freedoms because they told you that such was needed in order to shut off gravity. Who’s the dumbass? The Politicians who said such ridiculous things? Or you, for actually believing it, and throwing away your rights in the hope that some mere mortal will break the natural laws of the universe just because you are that desperate in your refusal to grow up?

Now, add that degree of irresponsible immaturity to technology. The majority outright refuses to gain the basic technical aptitude needed to maintain their basic human right to privacy.

Now, look what just happened over at Coinbase. The Gubmint has issued a blanket demand for all records on all people who have used their service in the last 3 years. Explicitly saying that coinbase itself is not being “investigated” for fraud against these users. Which is the only possible justifiable reason for their demand. This is tantamount to the government demanding “Everyone who ever used a dollar in the last 3 years must now tell us everything they ever used that money for because we heard a rumor once that someone might have bought weed with a dollar.” Even by the government’s own standards, this demand is a blatant and illegal infringement against due process and what little is left of the basic human right to privacy. This degree of privacy violation requires just cause and a specific person. Probable cause and a warrant that meets strict due process precedent. The demand being made on coinbase couldn’t take a bigger shit on that. If they get away with it, privacy is dead. This tiny little fragment is all that’s left.

And, it’s not new. Government has been leaning on small entities demanding records without due process for decades now. “Give us what we want or we’ll audit you into bankruptcy” “Confess to the fabricated evidence of a crime you never committed, or we’ll bankrupt you in a fraudulent defense and make your entire family suffer.” It’s become Standard Operating Procedure. Corrupt judges have rubber stamping warrants “because gun” or “because weed” or “because terrorism” for decades now.

How can this be a representative government. Look at the way people on social media put themselves in a bubble of lies, where a twisted worldview can be maintained. Look at the Social Justice Warrior movement that has been breeding on college campuses for decades. Look at how it’s hurt industry. It’s a fucking joke that I can make money doing what I do. It’s only because so many are so artificially unable.

You can’t fight the encroachments of government on so many fronts when you aren’t even aware enough to know it’s happening. Huxley nailed it. Entertained to death. Idiocracy. But what Huxley missed, Orwell followed up. They were both right because they were both wrong. It isn’t one or the other. It’s both. The clueless idiots of Huxley’s vision DEMAND the authoritarian dystopia in Orwell’s. They can’t function without it! They’re helpless and stupid in the extreme. They don’t need propaganda, they tell lies to themselves to maintain their childish demented outlook and block or unfollow anyone who contradicts it. They do it to themselves! It’s not just being entertained to death as Huxley described, but the ability to exclude reality and demand that someone else come along with the power to make it all work. Something no mortal can do. But if you worship government and thing it has god-like powers, because you’re so stupid that you don’t realize that there are things in this universe which no mortal can alter… Cue moral relativism…

At least The Flying Spaghetti Monster has magical powers. Politicians are just people. Very, very bad people.

Politicians will always, always lead us down a path of empty promises that rid us of our freedoms. It’s what they do. The Fox and the Scorpion. Not necessarily because they’re evil, but that it’s easy to keep 51% of the population dumb enough to follow the path of impossible things. It’s easy to keep 51% in a pre-pubescent mindset where they’ll believe any damn thing. People with such underdeveloped intellects will believe anything, and tenaciously cling to their beautiful lies. Duh, why do you think government wants to control education? So they can assure that no matter how much money is thrown at education, the people stay stupid enough to wish for the impossible.

So, we who have brains find ourselves in the ultimate quandary. A perfect storm of centuries’ old design, and a fight being need fought by people who can’t even tell it’s there…

These people who gave up control of their own money, which isn’t even theirs or based on any real value measure, because they know themselves to be too clueless and irresponsible to handle it and keep it safe, that they put it in the hands of the very people most likely to use it as a weapon to force compliance.

Bitcoin couldn’t save it. It made promises it couldn’t keep. It plods on as those ignorant of it’s inadequate feature set don’t see the problem(s).

Even in the cryptosphere, they still don’t realize what’s wrong with it, won’t educate themselves well enough, and just keep waving the flag in hilarious ignorance.

Being smarter than that, I moved on to DASH. But, those people got a taste of fame and a spotlight for the first time in their lives and have been seduced by it. Along came a couple of Pied Pipers who know exactly how to manipulate the starts-in-their-eyes dev team… 30 pieces of silver and they betrayed themselves.

Then I found Within just a few days of discovering it, and the direction it’s developer was going, he had some kind of emotional breakdown and abandoned the project…

Even if there were someone willing and able to be the tip of the spear, would this person know how? Would people who put their fake money in the oldest cloud ever, suddenly grow up and take responsibility for their precious even if “the new money” finally did come to life? I see phrases like “Grammar Nazi” and I wonder if the masses are so hopelessly lost in their own hubris and reality-inversion that they even care, or would be able if they suddenly woke up?

If I choose to be the head of that spear, would anyone know how to throw it? It would require the Idiocracy to stop being so damned lazy and stupid. To stop sealing themselves inside echo chambers and hammering themselves with lies and propaganda of their own invention… Do you bet the farm with those odds? When the very people who declare themselves the most aware are so easily seduced and led astray?

I know the path. I know exactly what needs to be done. It’s not vision or a divine gift. It’s simple common sense. But, in a social environment where common sense is not only absent, but abhorred, I guess it might look like a super power… But, if I am the only one to walk upon that path… Kinda pointless. Too afraid? Too stupid? Doesn’t matter. Failure to what needs doing, grow up and take responsibility, will lead to even more encroachment.

The degree of totalitarianism that will be needed to “get rid of cash” is so extreme, I find it hard to believe that even the most pathetic douche bags of all time would allow it. But as I’ve watched Social Justice Warriors twist every definition of every word to glorify their own demise, I’m left to wonder if, after all these years of having no faith in humanity, perhaps I still have too much…

I am so very grateful to my customers, even though they are often the source of why I feel this way and have come to this point. They have given me so much more than I ever expected, and for doing what I consider to be quite little under terrible circumstances. Should I take that gift and do this thing?

“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” – Optimus Prime.

Again? Is this why I’m so miserable? The last time I did something ridiculous against all odds and all recommendations, well, here I am. Talking about that very gift…

A few years ago I came to the conclusion that the reason the world has so much bad in it is not the crazy guy on the street corner who thinks he’s on a mission from God. It’s that we’re all on a mission from God, but the crazy guy on the street corner is the only one taking it seriously… Is this my mission? Is failing to do it the pain that is supposed to motivate me? Is this why I’m so damned miserable? Is this why, even though I spent this entire blog post outlining why it’s a hopeless waste of time, money, effort and life; I still feel mercilessly compelled?

I have this dream of buying a sailboat and never coming back. Human societies just aren’t fit to be lived in by respectable people… Am I being selfish? Every time I get close, I pull back… Is this why?

How arrogant is the True Believer? Am I locked in my own echo chamber, where I can’t believe that’s the truth because it’s crazy and arrogant to think you’re on a mission from God? But, what if, just maybe, it were true, and I failed to do it? Perhaps the reason I’m so miserable, is because it’s true, and I’m not doing it.

A person who loathes government and red tape more than anyone, going into a field that has more of both than any other field ever has or ever will?

It’s so arrogant and ridiculous it might just be true…

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