New Direction

I keep coming back to the same problem but, I can put a finer point on it now…

I started the silly solvent trap thing with the main interest being the restoration of American resourcefulness and ingenuity. Many other things happened which were far beyond my expectations and for which I am thankful.


The bottom line is that the primary mission is a complete failure.

As I look out on the marketplace 5 years later, I see it as much worse. I see kits… The consumers demanded it, those who are perfectly happy to sell America down the river provide it.

The refusal to learn. Entitlement. (L)earn. If you haven’t learned it, you haven’t earned it. When the guv makes a law that takes away your providers, where will you get it? Whatever “it” may be. I provide a learning tool. Nobody wants that.

I could easily disrupt the current marketplace. I could sell kits, too… I could undercut everyone. I could get rich. But, I’d be fucking America, and I can’t do that. Those who wish to destroy America will have to do it without my help.

Perhaps every man has his price. I like to say I don’t. Maybe I do… But it isn’t monetary, and no one has yet managed to name it.

As the political events of the last 2 years have proven, not only do Americans hate the idea of learning, resourcefulness, ingenuity, etc… They’re getting worse and are damn proud of it. All crotch, no brains.

I have no place in such an environment. Everything I’ve done is a complete waste. Nobody wants to learn, they just want it all handed to them.

Pigs like to wallow in shit. I don’t. The direction America is going removes all alternatives to joining the swine in their shit hole. America no longer wants people like me, and is now doing it’s best to eliminate resourceful, productive people who would encourage others to acquire the same traits.

A look at my library of work. The Negative Zero Percent bullpup. Off grid energy designs. Air guns. None of this matters and will never make a difference. Most of it I never bothered to bring to market because I know it won’t make a damn bit of difference.

I’ve been teaching math to a herd of horny cats.

America has emptied itself out. There’s nothing here but crotch. The people are chemical nothings wrapped in skin better spent on anything else. There’s no life for me here. It dissolved around me as I tried to save it. But, it doesn’t want to be saved. Empty nothingness is exactly what America wants to be. It’s time for me to go.

I have no idea what my new direction will be, but it’s clear that my value is wasted here. Idiocracy became reality only a few short years after the movie was made.

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