Stupid People… Stupid People, EVERYWHERE!!!

I’m going to pull my hair out dealing with these salvage yard and freight people… I can’t believe people can be this dumb and survive… They can screw up anything!

Me: “It weighs 400 pounds. It’s on a pallet. You need a lift gate. Oh, since you asked; it’s a 16KWh Lithium Cobalt Battery Pack out of a Chevy Volt.”

Idiot: [shows up in a Dodge Sprinter] “But, you said it was a car battery. I didn’t see any reason to bring a box truck with a lift gate…”

BECAUSE IT WEIGHS 400 POUNDS! Even if it didn’t weigh 400 pounds, it wouldn’t fit!

Idiot: “…now I have to drive all the way back and get a different truck. We’re going to have to charge you for two trips.”

Why? Because you turn into a complete idiot every time you see a house? Better not go where the houses are, your brain will fall out? It’s my fault that you ignored my instructions and showed up in a completely inadequate vehicle? I need to be double charged because you wasted time and have to make a second trip, all of which could have been avoided if you just listened to what I said? I need to be double charged because you won’t listen to very simple instructions?

Then he wants to argue about loading docks…

Me: [while pointing at the sissy little Dodge Sprinter that he drove up in] “Please tell me how that’s going to access a loading dock.”

Idiot: [to his partner] “See, this is why we don’t do residential.”

Me: “This is not residential. This is stupid. Leave now and do not come back. If you send a bill, I will wipe my ass with it and set it on fire.”

…and this was the least stupid person I had to deal with in the last 2 days.

The next guy… This is the only way to do business with him. He has this form on his website. It’s a piece of paper that was scanned and imported into a .PDF. Think about all that for a second. I am required to print it out, write down all my information by hand, all the credit card info, then fax it over to him. Who the hell still has a fax machine? Oh, it’s ok, he advises me that I can email it, too. Not that I would ever be that stupid… At this point I’m just trying not to laugh, making a poor effort to hide the you-can-tell-I’m-smiling voice, but my morbid curiosity gets the best of me.

I ask; “What’s your email address?” He replies: “Dubyah dubyah dubyah…”

I hung up.

Exactly how drunk do you have to be for this to seem like a good idea? Good thing I’m not trying to buy a salvaged 8-track deck… Or am I? Lols, parts of a Nissan Leaf… From the Stone Age?

And just when I think that my face cannot endure any more facepalming…

The freight guys… Wilson. These guys are totally cool! I never heard a word from them until I heard a semi idling in my driveway, less than 72 hours after the shipment was picked up on the other side of the country, and then the phone rang. He cranks a 3-point turn, backs up to my carport, wham, bam, thank-ya-ma’am, it’s unloaded, BoL signed, all done! I don’t think he was here 4 minutes. This is how it’s done! Not a single facepalm!

Oh, I forgot to mention. Wilson was delivering one of two items that I bought from the same, eh, shall we call them “people?” Items that could have been put on the same pallet and shipped in a single shipment. But, no… Two separate shipments. Two separate freight companies. Wilson only delivered one of them. The other one… Lets just say I wish Wilson had delivered that one, too. So, 11 days later, with much crying and whining from the local terminal about trees being scary, not-Wilson left it sitting in the dirt, halfway up my driveway… Do you know how much a 4ET50 dual-permanent-magnet-three-phase-induction-motor-with-multi-engagement-planetary-gear posing as a transmission weighs? A lot more than you want to drag a quarter of a mile through the dirt…

If Human Beings are separated from the rest of the animals by Higher Intellect, are those who dispose of this Higher Intellect, and no longer possessed of the separation it provides, still Human Beings?

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  1. Some times I think I am alone in the world. Sometimes I know it.
    People on the forums think that Jack Rickard from EVTV is a crazy and hard to work with guy. The reason one might ask? Because when he ask for something to a certain specification, he actually expects the specification he purchased. It is a sad world sometimes. I can empathize with you, but on the opposite scale. I am working in Mexico right now. Here they can be very literal and to the exact. In Mexico hamburgers come with ham as a topping. It is quite good actually. Try it some time. My coworker tried to order a hamburger one day from this little booth type restaurant that was run by a little old lady. So he said ” May I have a hamburger without ham please?”. She said “But it comes with ham.”. He replied ” Yes, but I do not want it.”. She said “But it comes with ham.”. Five minutes later of arguing back and forth and even after asking for to be put on the side… my coworker has his hamburger with ham on it. He takes the ham off and puts it on the side of the plate. After he did took the ham off the hamburger she gives my friend the dirtiest look. The type of look as if he just spat on her. She felt as if she had to make it to set specification or she was not doing her job. Crazy.
    Take care and regards,

    P.S. Here is Jack’s YouTube channel. :

    1. I’ve spoken with Jack a few times. I really liked his video about bottom balancing LiFePO4 cells. Common sense is so uncommon it’s like a superpower.

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