WANTED: Busted H2

Preferred condition:

Missing/busted engine.
Missing/busted radiator.
Missing/busted transmission.
Missing/busted transfer case.
Missing/busted fuel tank.
Missing/busted exhaust.
Missing/busted fuel lines.
Missing/busted batteries.

There is no reason for me to pay for working items in the previous list because I’m just going to pull them out and throw them away. It is not a perk if your item includes them. If you contact me and say “it runs and drives great,” I very specifically do not want your vehicle.

Rolling chassis. Drive shafts present, but not connected. Steering works well. Suspension intact. Axles, diffs, intact.

Tires; round-ish.

Hangar Queens welcome.

Not picky. Very flexible.

Leave a comment on this blog post if it applies to you.

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