Manual Transmissions are Better, and Why I’m Canceling My Tesla Reservation

So, some doofus left his car on autopilot and got smashed by a truck. Who didn’t see this coming?

No, really, no pun intended.

Too soon? It’s never too soon to pull your head out of your ass. Just ask that guy…

I’ve seen it as far back as the automatic transmission.

When I was learning how to drive, pretty much all cars came with a manual transmission as standard equipment, and the automatic was an upgrade.

I prefer to drive manual. Not for any of the derpy jock reasons that all crotch, no brains losers give.

I prefer it because it’s better. It forces a person to pay attention to traffic and surroundings in order to pick the right gear, coast, shift, and fit in tot he flow of things. You have no choice but to pay attention and plan ahead, or you’re not going to get far. If all cars were manual transmission, most of the irresponsible idiots would be automatically (see what I did there) screened out. They’d never make it to the road to become a danger to themselves and others in the first place.

The automatic transmission assists a person in being clueless, irresponsible, and oblivious. You can pay no attention at all, and still drive around. What could go wrong?

Autopilot for cars is bad for the same reason. It encourages people to become even more clueless and irresponsible than they already are.

It’s not Tesla’s fault. Well, sort of…

The trend in reaching down to consumers and telling them they don’t have to grow up, they don’t have to be responsible, they don’t have to learn, they don’t have to understand… This trend is worse than the warning label on the hair dryer that says “do not use in shower.” It’s an attempt to make a waterproof hairdryer, and this shit will never work.

There is no substitute for growing the fuck up and being a responsible adult. Generation Special Snowflake is a market that can’t be reached by anything other than the Waterproof Hairdryer. I get it. Apple made a fortune by catering to them, now everyone else has to do the same or they’re not going to make money… Chicken or Egg?

I really don’t care. I can opt out. I can be responsible for me. I can’t be responsible for every other fucktard out there who refuses to grow up and gets offended when you tell them that they should.

So, that’s why I’m canceling my Tesla Reservation.

Chevy’s batteries are waayyy better anyway. LG Chem FTW.

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