Backorders, Dead Comms, Hospitals, and Depressed Johnny Appleseed.

I realize I’ve been neglecting my responsibilities to my customers for a few months. I wanted you to know why.

Family comes first. My mom and step dad have been in and out of the hospital for about a year and a half now. Mostly my mom tho… The last couple months being the worst. Order have been filled slowly, backorders even more slowly, and comms pretty much nil. The computer I usually use for everything business, blew out it’s hard drive controller a few months ago. Not a major thing, but when I’m never here, they send the wrong parts…

I’ve been keeping the ball rolling, just barely. I know guys. I suck, and I’m terrible, and I’m going to do my best to make it right going forward.

I’ve also been pretty depressed watching such an overwhelming majority of the population of this country behave like absurd Jerry Springer idiot trash… I feel like Johnny Appleseed in the desert… What’s the point? I’ve got several new product ideas that I’ve just been sitting on because I’m afraid of how morons will manage to fuck it up, and the deluge of utterly retarded questions and demands for hand-holding…

I’ve gotten requests for, and seen in the market, kits. Really? This has been one of the most demoralizing things for me. The whole point is to NOT need someone to hand it all to you in a tidy package, but be able to piece it together on your own using your brain. My products were meant to inspire ingenuity and resourcefulness, not sponsor more lazy, entitled, clueless, helpless bullshit. It really sucks the wind out of my sails to see this happen.

I’ve seen the whiners say “If X gets elected, I’m renouncing my citizenship!” I see it a little differently. The USA is fading away around me. I don’t have to leave, it’s disappearing. Just another 3rd world shithole with no rights or freedoms of any kind… I need a sailboat. Nothing huge or fancy. The last 3 generations, that includes my own, are unforgivably fucking stupid. It really doesn’t matter who wins the next election. The people being put forth as front-runners tell me all I need to know about The People putting them there. We The People have become so morbidly stupid that they’re a threat to themselves and those around them. At least 80% of the country needs to be Baker Acted.

I need a sailboat. Nothing fancy… Just enough. Something I can apply some Math, Science, and Common Sense and go do sailboat better than the stupid monkeys do.

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