Sharia Law: Coincidence?

Gang rape by Muslims in countries where large numbers of Muslims have been let in…

The victim(s) are being called racist and attacked. Because they got raped?

Sharia Law calls for a woman to be stoned to death if she gets raped.

Notice how the supposedly “live and let live, compassionate, loving, tolerant” leftists are pretty much the same as Sharia Law…

Add in… Why are they sucking Muslim dick so hard? Isn’t one of the Leftists’ core voting blocks Gays?

You don’t even want to know what Muslims to go gays… But I’m going to tell you anyways, but succinctly. Ever head of Vlad the Impaler? The up-the-butt version of that. Yes.

Oh, and it gets worse. They’ll do the same thing to a man that doesn’t get permission before butt raping a 10 year old boy. That’s right. It’s perfectly OK to butt rape a 10 year old boy. The punishment is dealt out for not getting permission to do it from the father, usually by paying money. Yes. That is correct. I’ve even seen a video of it being carried out. You could, too, if you wanted to. And the irony, how is having butt sex with a 10 year old boy not gay? Why does the man not deserve to die for it in the same way as… Do you see where this isn’t going? The fucked-up-ness of it can’t even follow it’s own sickness…

Yet, the same Leftists can’t stop pandering to the Muslims. Even to the point of supporting Sharia Law by persecuting rape victims just like the Muslims do.

War on women? Republicans are the bad guys? Christians are dangerous wackos?

Voting for a Democrat is absolute proof that your head is too far up your ass to call you human.

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