“Am I Being Detained” – Every Dumbass Cop Watcher, Ever

I just watched a dozen more videos of people being harassed by cops, some of which might have been trolling for a lawsuit, some honestly just trying not to get killed by the psychopaths…

It’s really irrelevant. You can’t bait an honest man. Aren’t there enough videos of cops behaving badly on youtube? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a video of a cop behaving properly? Well, then there’s no reason to post it. If there is such thing as a decent cop, /she isn’t harassing people, creating a reason to make the video… Kinda like gun statistics. There is no list of all the times in the day that my guns don’t possess my brain and force me to go on a rampage… A non-event is exactly that. Bit, I digress. As usual.

The point is that these people, whether they were “looking for trouble” or not, will never be able to achieve the lawsuit they were looking for. Or the one they deserve even if they weren’t looking for trouble and just trying to stay alive…

“Am I being detained?” is the very problem. I’m not going to cite the court cases. I am not the fact welfare. You would think, that for all the legal research these fools do, they would realize that [i]detainment occurs the moment they [u]reasonably[/u] feel unable to continue freely about their business.[/i] Cops are not required to tell you because they can’t! It’s not the cops who make that determination! It’s you, their victim, that makes that determination. Yes, cops can flat-out tell yo they’re detaining you, and why. But, how many times do they not do this? And you stand there giving them the perfect excuse to get away with it!

If you are being so heavily imposed upon that you have to ask that question, then there’s no reason to be asking! You’re being detained, dumbass!

The problem then comes right out of your own mouth. How can you go before a judge and claim that you were being illegally detained, if you kept asking whether or not you were being detained? If you don’t know, you can’t claim it to be true! You just crapped on your own lawsuit, and that pig will never get the punishment he deserves.

Ever notice the cops never answer anyway? The fool just sits there, detaining himself, while nullifying any case he might have by creating uncertainty through asking a question about whether or not it’s happening… Some of these guys are real ballsy, but they still defer to the cops as to whether or not they are being detained. Can’t you make up your own mind even as it’s happening? If you’re such a badass that you think you’re taking on the cops and putting it on youtube for all to see, why can’t you even make up your own mind? It sets a bad example for those who have a real reason to film the cops.

If someone was raping you, would you repeatedly ask them “Hey, are you raping me?” And sit there getting fucked in the butt for hours asking over and over again? Are you not aware that it’s happening? Fat ol’ pig dick in your butt. Asking if you’re being raped… Are you really this fucking stupid?

You should be asking: “Why am I being detained?”

This establishes the fact that you are being detained. No more doubt. It also adds a few more thing into the situation. Completely changes the dynamic.

You [b]are[/b] being detained. There damn well better be an Articulalbe Reason for it! Now, the to Cops have to explain it to a judge, not just ignore and refuse to answer. Maybe they still ignore you and don’t answer. Fine. But the Judge is going to ask, and they don’t get to ignore the Judge. They damn well better have an answer that at least stands up to Terry vs. Ohio. They can then proceed to tell the Judge their bullshit, unconstitutional excuses instead of trying to be a street side lawyer. Let them be the ones in the hot seat.

It is already longstanding settle law that a Right cannot be converted into a crime. I cannot be suspicion of a crime. It cannot be an element of a crime. When cops cite “he had a gun” or “he was talking” or “he was taking pictures” then the cop is only nailing shut his own coffin. [b]LET HIM![/b] These are Constitutionally Protected RIGHTS. They cannot be, and are not, elements of suspicion! Let the cops throw that down as his reason. Even if the Judge is sympathetic, he can’t stay a Judge and defy something so fundamental! He has to find in your favor or the Judge will have some serious shit to answer for himself!

…and all you had to do was not ask a stupid question, and ask a sane question instead. You’re letting them get away with it.

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