Why Republicans/Conservatives are Hypocritical Asshats

Point out what a bunch of lazy, stupid, animalistic moochers the Left is. Talk big about responsibility, intelligence, point out the double-standards and lies. Even prove it. Prove the Left are a bunch of lying assholes. It doesn’t matter. The truth has never stood in the way of a socialist agenda. Black Lies Matter. Whatever. You can call it out and prove it until you’re blue in the face.

Still just words.

When it comes to actions, Republicans/Conservatives never act on what they profess. It like the say it, but they really on’t believe it. Their footsteps never follow their words. It’s not a matter of “practice what you preach.” It’s something much worse. It’s just plain failure to do anything at all. They don’t merely fail to practice what they preach, they don’t practice anything at all.

“EBT Pizza! Ask me how!” Says the sign in front of the convenience store smack in the middle of the Darkest Reddest part of Floriduh.

They all suckle on the government teet now. The fight has been lost. Nobody can earn a living anymore, even if they’re willing. Even if we know this road ends badly, we’re set upon it through the absence of any other options.

Knowing a thing, and failing to act upon it. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Knowing this to be true, when good men still do nothing, they cease to be good men.

It doesn’t matter if you remember in September. You’ve been remembering for 60 years, and failed to lift a finger.

Trump? Really? The fact that such an immature blowhard could draw so much attention is an indictment of the condition of the contemporary conservative mind, if it can be called a mind. It’s like watching an episode of Jerry Springer, but everyone thinks its good. You got 15 baby mama’s? All of them married? None to you? That just proves what a verile manly man you are!

Of the trash, by the trash, for the trash. These fools keep getting worse. They never learn. They think that pointing out the bullshit excuses the Democrats make is a big deal. But, the Democrats are only growing stronger as a result of the excuses the Republicans make. Stealing shitloads of money and stuff. Paying for their armies of persecution and pending genocide with monies stolen form the very people they’re hunting down. Claiming the peaceful are violent, while committing violence against the peaceful. Pretending to be victims as an excuse to victimize the very hand that feeds them.

Conservatives: You let it happen. You could have actually been the violent, racist pigs they accused you of being, but you just sat there and let them violate you until there was nothing left.

If I really were such an evil, racist gun-nut; there wouldn’t be anyone left to say so!

Do you really think anyone is left with brains enough to notice the truth of it?

Catalac 8M, save me from this handbasket. It’s getting awfully warm.

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