Volkswagen TDI Scandal, and the EPA’s Ongoing War Against Reliability and Truth

I’ve had enough of this bullshit. The story goes much deeper than the distractions in the news lately.

I’ve been an unapologetic fanboy of the VW TDI for a long, long time. I had an AHU, and now an ALH. I’ve deliberately avoided the newer engines/cars. Why?


Read the EPA’s allegations. They mention both NOx and Particulate emissions, but do an expert job of blurring the line between the two. Particulate emissions are non-carcinogenic. It’s part of the reason that diesel engines are so clean. Their combustion cycle is higher pressure. They don’t even have spark plugs to help them along. They don’t need it. They don’t have the sloppy, half-burned pollutants that gas engines have. The much more complete combustion results in pure carbon. The basic building block of all organic life. Not the massive amounts of really nasty half-way-burned shit that comes out of a gas engine.

Realize that this “problem” has been going on since 2004.

In 2004, EPA “emissions standards” for diesel became drastically disparate from Gasoline engines. It’s a double-standard. Gasoline engines are allowed to dump massive junk into the air, but Diesel’s bar was set so high that it was believed no one would ever be able to make a Diesel engine pass. The objective was to eliminate the small Diesel engine by creating an obnoxiously impossible emission standard for it, while keeping the bar low for gasoline engines.

This is the crux of it. The EPA has had a war on reliable, long-lasting, efficient engines for a long time. VW really shit in their Wheaties in 2005, when they actually managed to pull it off. The crap they had to go to to make it happen made the engines not worth owning, in my opinion, but they managed to do it. That’s why I own an ALH, and will never own anything newer.

So, the EPA upped the ante, again, with even more absurdly disproportionate “standards” compared to gasoline engines. So, VW cheated. Gas engines are still allowed to dump nearly 10x as much junk into the air, because this fight hasn’t got a damn thing to do with emissions or the environment. Notice the years… This fight REALLY started back in 2004. But it wasn’t until 2009 that VW decided to cheat back against the cheaters at the EPA.

Nobody wants to talk about the fact that this is a fraudulent double-standard. I don’t contest or care that VW cheated. Knowingly. On purpose. The EPA cheated first! VW merely cheated back. And I’m damn proud to own one for it. This isn’t about emissions. It never was, and the story is much older than the fucking evil government and it’s media conspirators would have you believe.

The EPA’s war to eliminate reliable, efficient engines from the consumer market has been a long road. It’s another lightbulb conspiracy. VW TDIs last waayyy longer, when properly cared for, than gasoline engines. They can easily be multi-generational. If you had to buy a car only once every 30 years, that’s a lot more of your money you get to keep.

Government hates it when people find a way to keep their money. It’s the same old shit.

It’s easy to see the truth of it if you step back and look at the big picture that nobody wants to talk about.

If it’s really about the environment and emissions; why doesn’t the EPA enforce the same standards against gasoline engines? Why are gasoline engines allowed to pollute so much more? Aren’t there a lot more gasoline engines out there? Why is there a war against diesels? Just because you can’t see or smell what comes out of a gasoline engine, doesn’t mean it’s cleaner. Most of a gasoline engine’s emissions are colorless and odorless, but much, much more toxic. A gasoline engine’s incomplete combustion cycle is inherently toxic. It’s like sticking a gas pump up your nose and just breathing it in. Diesel isn’t. There are people who have made the embarrassing mistake of trying to commit suicide by running their diesel engine in the garage… The cruel joke’s on them, diesel exhaust doesn’t kill you! But gasoline exhaust will. Figure it out people… You’re being lied to, again…

This shouldn’t be about whether or not VW broke the law. It should be an examination of how absurdly fraudulent the law is. Don’t let yourself be distracted.

Sure. Diesels are loud. They last a lot longer than gas engines for reasons I’ll not get into here. They’re manly! They smell bad. You can see the clouds of carbon that come out of their exhaust pipes. But, that’s the very evidence that they’re clean! The combustion cycle doesn’t leave the half-burned fuel like a gasoline engine does. The really bad stuff, the stuff that comes out of the pipes of gasoline engines, is colorless, odorless toxic waste that is much, much worse and can kill you in a few minutes. The Environmental Protection Agency, you say? This hasn’t got shit to do with protecting the environment. This is about protecting a massive scam against consumers, and VW is the only one with the balls to fightback. There is a reason why gasoline engines are only common in the USA. Pretty much everywhere else in the world uses Diesel as the primary, because it’s better in every way. Even the mechanism by which it operates makes more sense.

Damn proud to be driving my 2000 TDI. Anything that pokes the evil, lying government in the eye, I love.

My next car is electric, or none at all. Zero is rumored to have a Big Deal up their sleeve for the 2016 models. A fairing, finally? Or an integrated charger that uses the regenerative braking circuit instead of the current redundant, wimpy charger? Tesla is supposed to be kicking serious ass with the Model 3 in only 2 years, Superchargers are everywhere now… There’s still no Electric FJ Cruiser tho, so I’m sad. :-p

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  1. Yep. Why did they pick low NOX requirement to hit the diesels with? Because Nox is a key component in making smog. What is smog? Visible pollution. Why is there a war against diesels? Because the water vapor and Nox help make all the gasoline pollution visible. Plain and simple. The EPA wants to hide the pollution in plain sight.. They do not want people to see what they are really breathing. It is a shame really. Diesels are so much better. Great low end power. Decent fuel mileage. And last but not least. Diesel motors can be used in confined spaces with out killing people. Think mining tunnels here. Then think all those road tunnels that you might drive through in your life. Killing me softly with gas emissions.

    Glad to see you posting again.

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