Sometimes, even the assholes come up with genius…

I noticed this a few years ago, but didn’t think it worth mentioning until now.

I’m opposed to monopoly. That means, patents, copyrights, etc. You can’t be a Capitalist and support these things at the same time.

The Wix/NAPA 4003/24003 filter has a patent number on it.

Ever look it up?

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the filter. It’s just a random patent number they printed on it.

I wonder how many people say “Oh, it’s got a patent number, oh well, can’t copy that…”

There’s no patent on the filter, or any part, method, or mechanism of it. There’s nothing particularly interesting or unique about any aspect of it, so how could there be?

But how many people don’t even bother to try, just because there’s a patent number printed on it?

It you’re an anti-capitalist who’s patent gets rejected, just pick any random, existing patent’s number, and print it on your stuff. Don’t spell out the whole word “patent.” Just do “Pat. No 1284585862468” Then if you get lawyered, “Pat. No.” is an abbreviation for something else… Like, Pattern Number. How could it be a Patent Number? That number isn’t for any patent of your’s, right? Why would you put someone else’s totally random and unrelated patent number on your product? That doesn’t make any sense, it must just be a coincidence that your Pattern Number happens to be the same number as someone’s patent… Even if someone does look it up, reading that stuff is totally crazy and they may assume some part of it might be covered by the patent… Monopoly, even when its fake, it still stifles competition.

Bullshitters… They win because you let them win. I can’t deny the genius of leveraging stupidity and laziness. Find a way to make money off of humanity’s negative traits and you’ll be rich because humanity is always looking for ways to suck more than it already does…

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