Operation: ComDE – Part 3

Humans are always complaining about how hard it is to get cryptocurrency. The hoops they have to jump through, the technical irresponsibility that holds them back…

I’m not going to get into the absurd degree of tech irresponsibility that has surged in the last 8 years or so… iPhone. Cater to the stupid, and keep them in the dark…

I just opened up the DASH wallet on my new OnePlus One. I haven’t used it yet, and it says right in my face:

No Dash received so far.

How to get Dash?

Trade for traditional money,
sell goods or services or
earn by working.

Uh, isn’t that the exact same thing you do for guvpaper? Why must this be explained? If you want money, or a kind of money different from what you’ve already got, you, like, totally do stuff, to get it. Or sell stuff, to get it. This ain’t fuckin’ magic.

You could buy one money by selling the other, it’s called currency exchange. But, the red tape involved is absurd because terrorisms! You signed up for it, you fell for it, there’s nobody to blame but yourself…

Why get stuck on that? We don’t need no stinkin’ exchanges!

Still can’t figure it out?

OK, I’ll spell it out for you: SELL STUFF ON THE DARKNET!

Yes, there’s lots of drugs and illegal stuff on the wide range of darknet websites that have cropped up in the aftermath of Silk Road. For every head the guvtrash chopped off, 10 more grew back to take it’s place.

You don’t have to sell illegal things there! Come on guys, fucking think about it…

The handed-to-you-on-a-silver-platter crypto marketplaces don’t get a lot of traffic. The barriers to entry caused by the average consumers’ own tech irresponsibility keep 99.9999% of your would-be market out of your view.

You need eyeballs on your stuff if you want to sell it, right?

So go where the eyeballs are. Go where the people who have at least made a baseline remedial effort to understand this already are!

Yes, you’re going to have to gain at least a baseline remedial understanding to get it done, too… Is getting into crypto without having to link your bank account to an official exchange and deal with the scam of AML/KYC worth a little effort?

I recognize that if you’ve cheated your way through life when it comes to tech, yes, it’s going to be a steep learning curve for you. Who’s fault is that? Are you going to own it and step the fuck up, or not? This shit is not hard. It’s a lot to take in if you’ve cheated your way through life, so the sheer volume of it can be overwhelming, but if you break it down one piece at a time, it’s not hard at all.

This is the easiest way into crypto. Take a darknet market and treat it like eBay. Aren’t the media already calling it “the eBay of drugs?” So, just sell something other than drugs! How hard is this? People who know how and have money to spend are flocking there already. The eyeballs are on. Have yourself a little garage sale on the darknet. So what if you’re setting up shop next to a bunch of drug dealers?

This is where the money is flowing. This is where the eyeballs are. So, pull your head out of your butt and learn how to do it. It’s a good way to learn the ropes and it’s safe. You’re not breaking the law, right? You’re just selling the same stuff you might sell on eBay. So, if you goof up, expose yourself; so what? It’s a great way to learn.

Look at it this way. We’re talking about the separation of Money and State. Money that isn’t published or backed by any manipulator. It’s value is inherent in the fact that it avoids that very corruption and manipulation. As long as Government exists, it will be more valuable than any paper the government prints. Why would you want to join Cryptocurrency to that corruption and manipulation when you don’t have to? The whole thing can be a closed loop unto itself. A separate economy in which the government doesn’t have it’s meddling nose shoved. You don’t have to be the spender to be part of an economic system. You could be the seller. Don’t mess yourself up thinking about the ways to get in, think about the ways out!

Think about cutting back the hours your work to the bare minimum needed to pay a few bills. All your recreational money is crypto, no job. Too different monies, two different economies. As long as you don’t take the easy way out, linking them together, then there is one the guvthugs can mess with, and one they can’t. We finally have the ability to get their grubby damn hands off of something they never had the right to touch in the first place.

We no longer have to rely on some law that was supposed to limit government power, we can enforce it as their corruption defies the limits we placed against them. This is We the People’s version of Law Enforcement. We made laws to guard against their intrusions. They refuse to obey those laws. What happens when you break one of these laws they created, and never agreed to be bound by? What does government do to you then? We can’t arrest them, we can simply ignore them. We can have our own damn money now. We don’t need theirs and all the strings that come with it. We can enforce the limits and laws they’re breaking. That’s the punishment; less tax income for them. They’re being fined and penalized by us for a change! They wouldn’t keep their grubby hands off, now we can forcibly remove their hands. Sure, they’ve made another law we never agreed to called “tax evasion.” But, didn’t the IRS shoot themselves in the foot by calling it not money? I have to pay income taxes on not income? Seems none of the various rogue agencies can make up their mind how they want to control something they can’t control anyway… None of them can agree, they’re all contradictory, you can’t obey one of their edicts without breaking another… Fuck it, just don’t be involved!

Nobody ever bought weed with cash dollars before? BitCoin and all it’s clones are traceable. It is not anonymous… How do you think the idiots keep getting caught? Follow the money, just like always. Spread misinformation about how it’s anonymous when it’s not, and all the dumbasses will make low-hanging fruit of themselves. You can sell on their markets without being one of them. You think that trusted, centralized mixer service isn’t the very honey pot that’s keeping track? You think that’s air you’re breathing? Welcome to The Construct. Time to learn Kung Fu.

Come on people… Think. You’ve got brains. Use them. You can’t fight this fight if your Kung Fu is weak. You may be willing, but are you able?

If you’re going to take the Red Pill, you damn well better swallow it before you choke.

Find something you’re good at and do it/sell it on the darknet. Shut the fuck up about costs and excuses of starting a business. It costs you nothing to get off your ass. Stand up from the couch/chair right now. How much did that cost? Nothing. Have a thought. How much did that cost? Nothing. It costs you nothing to get off your ass and think.

So, the (in)Justice Department want’s to fraudulently mis-represent the safest business ever as high-risk to chock off credit and card processing? Isn’t it ironic? The very same government forces onerous regulation and background checks on buying guns, but then calls it high risk? Did anyone check your ID the last time you swiped your (or anyone else’s) card at the Wal Mart self-check-out? Did they make you fill out a Form 4473? Did they force you to endure a NICS background check? So, how is the one where all that happens “high risk” but the one where it doesn’t happen, that’s not high risk? There’s absolutely zero confirmation that the buyer is who they say they are at Wal Mart, and tons of confirmation and background checks at the Gun Show… But, they label the zero confirmation, not even looking at it transaction as low risk, and the one with background checks and sworn forms, special licenses and extra taxes and paperwork, etc, as high risk… All done by the very same government… Do they trust themselves so little? That a deeply government involved transaction is somehow less secure than one where nobody is even watching at all? Do you not see the irony and obvious fraud of it?

Have a darknet garage sale for crypto. Sell your gun for Crypto. Fuck Operation: Choke Point. This is Operation: Choke on my Dick, Eric (and now, Loretta, too). It can’t and won’t succeed if you’re too stupid to figure out how. Use your brain or the evil bastards win because you were too stupid to learn how to show up for the fight.

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