Solar Array Help – II

So, I figured out that MPPT Solar Charge Controllers are really just giant DC to DC switching buck converters. The whole MPPT shtick is just a crazy marketing ploy. Why is it so impossible to just call things what they are? I fuckin’ hate humans. Bigass HV MOSFET ringing a bigass inductor.

For my absurdly high string voltage of 766V: <- higher Rds (resistance on Drain <-> Source while flowing teh As.

It seems these guys could do the deed single-handedly…

But, this doesn’t explain where I’m going to get a fucktastically huge inductor to go with… Seems it would actually need a good insulation value above all else, and current is no big deal because largeness of V.

Still considering string split just to have somewhat less crazy scary high-voltage DC pushing 10 Amps into my dumb ass…

While there are cheaper MOSFETs to be had at lower voltage, the remarkable Rds numbers of the high voltage units is impressive and worth the price IMNSHO. I guess they’d have to be super low impedance or you’d get thermal rejection like woah beyond controllable levels in microseconds. MOSFETs are already touchy, so… That’s a fuckload of (expensive) magic smoke (and fire and brimstone).

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