We’ll have them niggers voting Democrat for 200 years

Even if you agree with most of the Democrat platform, I still don’t understand how you can be black, and vote for people who think that black people are incapable of taking care of themselves. If you’re black, you NEED an owner, and that owner is the Democrat Party. Dare to stray from that plantation, you’re not black anymore… It’s very similar to what the Democrats did to slaves. Back then, they were stripped of (what little) dignity (they had) and often their lives. Now, they strip them of the substance of being.

1) they are told that their skin color is the root of their substance; “Blackness.” Which is a sick, racist lie.

2) they have to obey their masters (the Democrats) or they are stripped of that substance; “You’re not black anymore.”

Via feminism, Democrats do the same thing to women.

You NEED feminism, or you’re not a woman anymore. You must subscribe to the feminist ideology, or you’re not a woman anymore. You must reject family, attack men while impersonating men; or you’re not a woman anymore. You must reject all that it is to be a woman, or we declare you unwomaned…

Vote as we tell you, or you’re unblacked…

From slaves to pets… Still not even close to equal in the eyes of the very people they keep selling their votes to…

“We’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for 200 years.” – not a Republican

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