Breaking Bullshit!

I mentioned this a little while ago.

They spend decades building the biggest hornet’s nest in human history.

They throw rocks at it.

They announce that the hornets are trying to overthrow the guy throwing rocks at the biggest hornet’s nest in human history.

White man bad. Or something.

No one can possibly be this stupid. Even if you’re dumb enough to give the evil trash at the ATF the benefit of the doubt. You can’t possibly still be keeping up the scharade… It has to be deliberate misrepresentation.

It’s utterly impossible to get the “boogallo meme” this wrong. This is not what it is. At all. Not even close.

The ATF have been nothing but domestic terrorists from day one. They’re mad at the people they’ve been terrorizing for, gasp, daring to fight back…

Hawaiian shirts resemble a police uniform? Really?

My goliad big Igloo shirt should be arriving any day now… Now I’ll have to decide… Big Igloo, killdozer, honkler… Already have several Hawaii shirts…

They always label you what they are. Of course the domestic terrorists are calling me a domestic terrorist… I’ve spent my whole life with this endless, ever worsening bullshit. You think this intimidates me? You think this scares me?

You are a fart in the wind.

Fuck around and find out. Come and start it.

Commies just don’t learn…

Sounds like the ATF Baltimore is asking for a pre-emptive strike. Cowabunga it is…

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