Stay classy, ladies. Men are such pigs!

Stating an imperical fact is not “misogyny.”

The conversion of Christianity into gynotheism is blasphemy.

Gynotheism has never resulted in anything but decay, injustice, and destruction.

Notice that none of those gynotheist “artifacts” have any kind of muscle tone… Hideous, obese blobs of hate, failure, and destruction.

You know you’re in the midst of gynotheist social implosion when obese trash declare themselves queen. This is what the Death of a Society looks like.

Go on, ask her what a “helpmeet” is. See what happens… You better be wearing protective gear. This word pretty much guarantees you will be subjected to violence, and every form of verbal vulgarity thus far concieved by the mortal tongue (women invented the concept of “bad words.” It is an Ad Hominem attack designed to discredit anyone who succinctly dismantles her lies, conflation, sophistry and gaslighting.).

Then explain why you’d never buy her jewelry with a ruby… Or pretty much anything…

Yup. I’m “intimidated.” That’s totally it…

Feminism is Communism in period panties.

Islam is right about women.

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