why I don’t stand for the national anthem

I sit for the National Anthem, but for very different reasons than the fuckbag leftists

I don’t live in denial. I don’t stand for the anthem of a dead nation. The Anthem is supposed to represent something. That something no longer exists. Until it goes, I don’t stand for a nation of cowards, liars, and perverts.

The Anthem is no more than a virtue signal for the moral cowards who sat on their thumbs and let this happen. Until the shitbags back it up with actions, all who stand for the Anthem are liars and I’d just as soon get in a fistfight with an entire stadium of these punks, than stand for the lies of cowards.

How dare they stand for the anthem when they are the destroyers of all it was meant to represent. I refuse to join them in that sick bullshit. I won’t turn a blind eye and play along.

I’ll stand for the anthem when it’s restored to it’s proper meaning and purpose, not when it’s abused as a collective virtue signal of the very moral cowards who allowed this decay to take place. I will never stand with moral cowards who knew that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men too do nothing, and they proceeded to do nothing. So now they such each other’s dick over the very flag they used to wipe their asses.

And if you don’t like it, fuck you. I know what shit you are. I have decades of blades in my back from you shitstains. Standing for the anthem will not wash away what you’ve done.

You shit on the flag for decades, now you lie to each other by saluting it and calling yourselves patriotic. Fuck you.

I’ll stand for the flag when it’s soaked in your blood. You owe it a debt that can never be repaid. But you can try.

Until you do, fuck off with your circle jerk bullshit.

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