the state is a mob of violent Karens

Any business providing goods and services outside of the Government system, will be shut down. Only state approved distribution points are allowed. The crux of communism; sieze the means of production. Total state control.

They’ve siezed more than the means of production. They’ve siezed the money. They’ve siezed the means of exchanging it. They’ve siezed the communications. They’ve siezed the transportation. They’ve siezed the very concept of free association. They’ve even siezed the notion of thinking by criminalizing all ideas that counter the Karen narrative. Facts are forbidden. Reality is forbidden. Intelligence is forbidden.

It’s time to get Schwifty.

Do the right thing even when everyone is watching. Even when you know there’s going to be hell to pay. THAT is the true definition of integrity.

How dare he side with We the People and the Highest Law of the Land…

The commies are going to fuck you no matter what. You may as well take your shots while you can. If you comply, you will not be spared. They’ll just invent some new bullshit…

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