There! Are! Four! Eyebrows!

Another evil woman…

The only way to be safe, is to be 100% on the gubmint teat. Give up everything! Sit on your ass and do nothing all day. The Government will endlessly print up funny money and send it to you…

The majority want this, because that’s how morbidly stupid most people are. Ask a dirty, fat bitch near you…

Under leftist/woman control, nothing lasts long enough to have any grandchildren… We’re in our second generation of it right now, globally… It cannot do anything other than implode. In what bizarro-world parallel universe did you think something else could possibly happen?

When will Americans say “enough is enough?”


Americans are stupid pussies.

Women did this. It’s all the doing of women. Every bit of it. Not one iota can be placed on a man. It’s all the doing of women.

Don’t have to imagine. It’s exactly what women created. It’s exactly what we are now. This is The West. It will not continue.

What could we do? Kill all the women? Can you think of anything else? Present a better idea? I’m starting to understand vthe mind of mass murderers who methodically killed dozens of women. Even the smart ones who seemed to have a reason… Even they didn’t understand how derp the rabbit hole goes…

Islam is right about women. It’s not just a meme. It’s true in such fundamental and derp ways I don’t even know the words. There’s a reason Islam proliferates as it does… I’m not saying Islam is right about everything, you asdhat. It’s not. It’s horrible. But, it gets the foundation of survival right, and so it can get everything else wrong and still proliferate.

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