resistance is futile, you will be incarcerated, for the lies if a communist thug

Nazi Germany would be an improvement. This is much worse. At least the Nazis were in favor of their own people. The Judicial Branch wants to purge/incarcerate/kill all Christian, white, gun owning, men. Anyone with an IQ above 70, a functioning moral compass, and a healthy Testosterone level is considered a threat. For obvious reasons…

You will be a weak, communist, soyboy, crotch-worshipping degenerate, or you will be abused until you submit to those requirements.

Who wants to bet these cops were raised by single moms?

You wonder why cops get killed? This is why cops get killed. And the motherfuckers deserve it. Keep killing them. The Republic depends on it.

The slow-burn sedition of the Judicial Branch has run it’s course. There’s nothing left for them to do on that front.

So, naturally, the plan moves on to the next phase.

They’ve declared war.

Give it to them.

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