shut up, nigger… permanently…

This is a hard conversation to have? How?

Oh, right, everyone is an evil retard now…

I’m not merely neglected by the medical system, I’m outright told to get the hell out of any medical services provider. Racist and sexist trash shouted at me.

Besides, I’d be an idiot to try. Medicine has been taken over by communism, and are used as the new gas chambers. If they suspe t you aren’t on board with communist wokeshit, there’s going to be an “accident.”

No thanks. I’ll get on a plane to a less insane, less evil place for my medical needs. They’re a hell of a lot cheaper, too…

I know my Testosterone levels are just fine; because I seem to be the only person in the US who has any!

Fucking idiots. You wanted this. I’m not fucking helping you. You dug this hole. You get out of it. Fuckheads.

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