a woman playing word games to erase the very thing that makes the USA what it is…

Pretending that such evil is civilized just because it is unwaveringly arrogant.

Look at this smug bitch… This is what has destroyed The Republic. Word salad language manipulation. Lies. Conflation. Sophistry.

He even cites the highest law of the land, all she can do is stick her nose even higher in the air… Women hate and destroy civilization.

So she picks up the phone for dial-a-pussy-whipped-slave-boy…

This is what the USA has become… Communist shithole.

Oh no, an evil Constituionalist! In a Constituional Republic… How dare we think the Constituion is still a valid legal document.

The slow-burn sedition of the judicial branch has reached it’s endgame. There’s nothing left to do but start the Boogaloo…

Of course the findings of the court support communist tyranny… The purpose and intent of the court is to destroy The Republic. It will “find” whatever it wants to find.

Inspe tion stations do not prevent any bug from flying or crawling across the border. The idea that these “quarantine” laws have any effect at all, is a hilarious joke.

No different from the COVID-19 lies…

The law is an anti-science, anti-common-sense lie that does absolutely nothing that is advertised as it’s intent.

Off to prison you go!

The maker of this video gets an F.

Be it an insect or a virus; Government has no power over it. Nature doesn’t care about the petty ego trips of politicians who imagine themselves to have god-like powers to order the insects to obey, or tell the tide when to come in or out… The problem is extreme arrogance.

I believe it was a King of Denmark who once demonstrated to his angry subjects that he is just a man by going down to the sea and ordering it to stop making waves… It obviously did not work.

The govenment which imagines that it has these powers is a very, very dangerous thing. This guy found out… And a stupid sheep with a YouTube channel has decided to mock him for being the only sane man left in commiefornia.

Isn’t there a fantasy superhero that can control insects? Isn’t the fact that it’s a comic book fantasy enough to demonstrate the point?

There’s no such thing as quarantine. It’s not a thing. It’s not real. It doesn’t exist. It’s never been done. No mortal human has this magical fantasy power. It’s not real. Just like The Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny. You believe in childish nonsense. Your Government is made of childish nonsense. It has created laws which are childish nonsense. Your governy is using deadly force and violent e to uphold it’s belief in the Easter Bunny, and this man dared declare the Easter Bunny to be fake… This is your clown world.

Anyone who fails to fight such ridiculous bullshit will end up suffering well-deserved tyranny.

But, but, but, they CAN control the people!


But, to what end?

How many thousands of miles of border go through the wilderness? How many feet wide is the border inspection point?

How many quintillions of bugs pass right on over unknown, unimpeeded?

This accomplishes absolutely zero of the “very important” purpose which it is intended to do.

So many laws are made based on an ‘inportsnt purpose’ which doesn’t actually do anything. It’s the imagination of stunted, bratty, child-like minds that imagine themselves to have magical powers. No matter how hard and iftren you vote, politicians are not hods. Politicians do not have superpowers. Politicians have never, not even once, exerted power over nature.

They only do it to people.

With absolutely no impact on the fake, nonsense “very important” reason that was advertised.

The virus still spread not even the slightest bit slower down. An AIRBOURNE virus does not care if you wear a mask, stand 6 feet apart, or wear gloves.

The bugs still infest the crops and none o inspection points have ever impacted that in the slightest bit. They fly and crawl over the border by the quintillions every day.

Bad guys still get guns and knives and do bad things. Guns are easy to make. They don’t grow on a government gun tree in area 51. There is precisely fuck that you can ever do to stop intelligent people from getting/making all the guns they could ever want.

But, you can do one thing. You can install tyranical Governments to attack people whenever they tell you that the Easter Bunny isn’t real… It won’t have any impa t at all on the “very important problem” you’re so worried about. But, it causes harm and violence to those who dare you burst your childish bubble of silly fantasies… And that’s all you really wanted, otherwise you’d be concerned that all these “very important problems” were not impacted the dlughtest bit by the tyrannical lawd. The only thing that happened, is that someone who spoke the truth was made to suffer. That’s all you wanted. You knew it was a lie from the beginning. You know that none of these “very important reasons” are being impacted at all. You know that nature continues on without any hindrance. You just want to stay a hateful little brat and hurt anyone who exposed you to reality.

Nature is relentless and unchanging. Eventually, nature claims your distortions. The bigger you make it, the longer you push it; the more harsh the correction.

The West has created, by orders of magnitude, the largest defiances of nature which have ever been seen. Likewise, the collapse of these monuments to arrogance will be equally huge and long-lasting.

The laws of nature yield to no one, no matter how arrogant, immature, and hateful.

The fungus that grows on your rotting corpse will have no opinion of the circumstances, no matter how stupid or unfair you declare it to be.

We are devolving. Tribalism. Arrogant lying Government that is much worse than a dictator… The people in power think they can warp the laws of nature, then single out for annihilation anyone who points out that it won’t work out well. The smug worshippers of that Government say “Yeah, well, it didn’t work out too well for you, eh?” As they burn the libraries… One way or the other, the intelligent champions of liberty and truth will not have to live in the hell that is coming. Either way, it is salvation to escape that hell.

It does not matter how “important” or “scary” a thing is, if it is beyond the mortal capacity to do it.

I never wore a mask because I know it won’t have any effect on COVID-19. Even if it’s deadly, it’s an AIRBOURNE Coronavirus, there’s nothing any mortal soul can do about it. I caught it. Twice. It’s a weak flu virus. This is all a lie.

Maybe it really was a deadly horrible plague?

I still would have caught it even if I wore a mask. Even if I stood 6 feet away from everyone else. Even if I wore gloves. Believing in the Easter Bunny won’t change whthere or not I get infected. Believing in the Tooth Fairy won’t change whether it’s deadly or not.

A government which imagines itself to have god-like powers is a guarantee of genocide.

The entire human race gets an F for letting it happen.

How smart do you have to be to pay attention in high-school biology class? How smart do you have to be to run a CnC lathe/mill? How smart do you have to be to know that 1 + 1 != 5? How smart do you have to be to understand that insescts don’t obey laws, and that a checkpoint serves precisely zero purpose; except to attack people with an IQ above 70, who dare to declare the truth?

If agricultural quarantine checkpoints worked, there would be no need for bug spray or pesticides. Yet, bug spray and pasticides still exist. So… Did bugs learn how to read and gain a healthy respect for developmentally stunted sociopaths with too much power? It’s pretty hard to break an insect’s window and kidnap a bug’s children…

Your society is ridiculous bullshit. It will implode.

Democratic Government is nothing more than a bunch of stupid brats demanding that the few smart people be destroyed. That’s why the USA was a Republic. But, the a-bit-too-independent judicial branch slow-burned the Constitution which outlined the functions of that Republic. We were left with nothing but the tribalist mob rule of Democracy. And this is where it hot us… Exactly where I told you it was going when I was a kid…

Toljaso, assholes.

A King had to explain to his peasants that he was only a man and cannot control nature. The pewssants were smart enough to understand this, and the uprising ended…

The Democratically elected Sociopathic Brats brllow “Let’s do this! Let’s fight this X!” They believe that they have god-like powers. But that’s not the bad part. The bad part is… The peasants believe it. They begin picking out demographics… “Those people” who are holding back utopia. Predictably, it’s the smart peopl. The people who take a stand for the truth. Who point to history and fact. “Those people” aren’t being patriotic! They’re saying things that go against the brainwashed narrative! How dare they!

A Republic, if you can keep it…

You didn’t. And you still want to kill the messenger…

Why the hell am I even here? I told you already. The Phoenix will be reborn from the ashes by the hands of the strong and the righteous. You trash won’t be there to see it, because you are what is being purged. The flames will consume you. Not me. I welcome it. Oh no, B’rer Bear, not the briar patch…

You deserve the hell that’s coming. Don’t you whores dare ask me to save you from your reproach. I want you to reap what you have sown. I don’t care if 7 of you grab my arm, promise to make your own bread and clothes, if only… No. Fuck you. Seek your salvation elsewhere. You are filth. Maybe Christ can forgive you. I’m good, but I’m not that good. I can’t work miracles… I’d rather see you rot. Pussy pass; denied.

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