…it’s got what plants crave.

The catch?

You’re a vegetable!

This is exactly the behavior observed in The Rat Utopia. No matter how the leftists who ran the experiment tried to spin it, the facts remain…

The resources aren’t the problem. Gross oversocialization is the problem. Social Media and the ability to jam it in your face every second of the day… Getting dumber to the point of begging for Big Brother to take care of them, because they can’t do anything for themselves. Even making it illegal so they won’t be embarrassed by the superior specimens…

Only the trash are still in the game.

Save the pretty girls!

Think CNN will cover it?

Dummies had to run to their cars? Who leaves their gun in the car? Oh, right, idiot Boomer gun owners…

The only reason to carry a handgun, is to fight your way to your rifle. So, duh, just carry your rifle.

Nobody died but the “bad guy” (who might not be a bad guy, but we’ll never know). But, 3 people had to get shot while the derps ran around trying to find the guns they SHOULD HAVE BEEN WEARING.

And if the first thing the “bad guyy” saw was a guy with a slung RFB, do you think it would have happened at all?

Why risk trading bullets in a crowded public area, when you can deter and prevent.

People who hate Open Carry are fuckstain idiots.

People who hate Open Carry of Long Guns are fuckstain idiots who deserve to be kicked in the crotch until they bleed out their ears.

3 people got shot. It’s pure luck their wounds weren’t fatal. While the clown show continues…

Go on, mock me for not being an idiot. I don’t care. When I’m in the states, I OC my rifle. Fuck you if you’re too much of a pussy yo cope with reality. I’m not going to be caught running to my car when SHTF. I’m not going to be caught with an underpowered, inaccurate handgun. I’m faster with my RFB, and I deliver massive terminal energy.

If you don’t like it, fuck off a cliff.


It’s not just doctors and nurses. It’s the whole of government services. DCS. VA. It’s all full to the top of evil communist trash.

Every time the Government takes over something that should be run by the private sector, it converts that service into a weapon against non-Communists.

I can’t even get a basic checkup even if I’m willing to overpay in cash. Commies only.

I have to leave the country just for a check-up! Which pissed me off at first. Then I found out how superior, efficient and cheap it is in non-Communist societies.

It was such a convincing experience, I left the US and now live in one of those societies. Don’t have to put up with the evil, lying Communist trash, or the backstabbing cowards who refuse to fight for what’s right anymore!

herp derp

It’s already here. Been done to me on multiple fronts. Kavanaugh’d. Assets seized. Accounts frozen. No crime. No evidence. No courtroom. No judge. No defense. No prosecution. In many cases there wasn’t even a false accusation! I’m a white man who still had a few bucks left. How can that be? He must be a criminal! I can’t prove my innocence from being a white man…

…yeah, totally not malicious.

False accusations aren’t just for divorce anymore…

Only an idiot associates with western women anymore.

Invent an excuse to have the Government destroy children, families, and men; get cash and prizes stolen from the very same.

The United States has become a shadow version of the Chinese. Imposing it’s sickness in different ways, recruiting women to destroy the family. Spying on everyone. Robbing and ruining the lives of anyone found opposing Communism.

they really are all the same

When you purge your humanity and higher intellect, and reduce yourself to nothing but an animal, what you’re left with is instinct. Instinct is universal.

That’s why they’re all the same. 1-dimensional, empty, dirty…

The only differences are minor variations in shape, size and coloration. They resort to surgery to exaggerate sexual details, trying to set themselves apart in ways that don’t actually matter, because the horrible person they are remains unchanged, or gets even worse… “Look at my amazing, giant beach ball titties! I’m amazing!”

I actually like giant beach ball titties. Of course I do. I’m not gay. But I still can’t stand the horrible person you are, so bye now…

Just look around social media. It’s quite common for women to get together and decide that it’s a good idea to shove their asses and tits in front of a camera and spread it across the internet for the whole world to see. Often, requesting “donations” and calling everyone who abstains “afraid of strong, independent women.”

Perfect plan to make yourself revolting to any decent man…

When’s the last time you saw men do something like that?

Men are the pigs? Yeah, sure… Whatever. No one cares what a trash ho has to say.

Keep flying your giant red flags so we can easily avoid you… You go, girl!

Not all women are like that? But they all put on the same act…

Big jar of gummy bears. Only one is poison. The only way to find which one, is to eat them and see which one kills you.

But, it gets worse.

Big jar of gummy bears. Only one is NOT poison. The only way to find out is to gather an equal number of people, everybody eats one, and the one person who doesn’t die is the winner.

But, it gets worse.

Big jar of gummy bears. They’re all poison. There’s a very pretty girl standing next to the jar telling you they’re not, and you’re a pussy if you don’t eat them. Everyone dies and she laughs.

But, it gets worse.

Big jar of gummy bears. They’re all poison. There’s a very pretty girl standing next to the jar telling you they’re not. It’s not a fatal poison; you can’t torture and enslave a corpse! It just debiltates you; makes you poor and sickly, and makes you insane. Then the pretty girl gets fat and constantly tells you how worthless you are and you beg for death, which comes only after many decades of torture.

But, it gets worse.

Big jar of gummy bears. They’re all poison. There’s a very pretty girl standing next to the jar telling you they’re not. It’s not a fatal poison; you can’t torture and enslave a corpse! It just debiltates you; makes you poor and sickly, and makes you insane. Then the pretty girl gets fat and constantly tells you how worthless you are and you beg for death, which comes only after many decades of torture. The same thing happens to your children. Your natural drive to be a protector and provider proportionally increases your suffering.

But, it gets worse.

Big jar of gummy bears. You learn to ignore/control your natural proclivities. Only the incredibly dumb and desperate still eat gummy bears. Gummy bears scream insults. The slightly more intelligent gummy bears use a passive aggressive aporoach of attacking the natural roles being restrained. Only the least intelligent men fall for it. The gummy bears ramp up the passive aggressive nonsense by trying to make men feel insecure or inadequate by making absurd demands that no one would do even if they were dumb enough to be manipulated like that. The gummy bears are too stupid to understand that they’re just making it even more obvious that gummy bears are horrible.

Government and gummy bears blame everyone except the gummy bears. Government attacks anyone who refuses to eat gummy bears.

Any man worth a damn gets the fuck out of Dodge!

But, it gets worse.

The gene pool in gummy bear land keeps getting dumber and weaker. Only the worst breed. Natural selection is turned on it’s head. Black is white. Up is down. Short is long. Communism is considered a good idea… Guns are considered bad… Since the gummy bears can’t get any real men anymore, they choose to delusionally declare masculinity to be the poison, and the weak, stupid losers, which is all they can get and all that remains in gummy bear land, to be the supreme, pinacle of evolution. They need to lie to themselves because the truth drives them insane… All the real men chuckle to themselves from afar. Trash becomes a majority. They accelerate their own destruction while flinging empty, pathetic insults at everyone smarter than they are… Bigot! Racist! Coward!

The giant bowl of marinating turds begins to slowly rotate. They call it progress because they have no idea how toilets work… Don’t you understand, stupid white man? We shit on the sidewalk now. Get with it! You’re too old to understand! If only you used heroin, maybe your mind could be broadened enough for you to understand… You’re so uncool!


Are you a Government employee? Do you exist on a Government pension? Maybe just SS, or Welfare?

Women are married to Government first and foremost. Of course they just want a little piece of government they can jam up inside themselves… They don’t care how evil you are. They’ll praise you all the way to gates of Hell. And your dumb ass will lap it up because you worship pussy. You think it’s all crazy talk because everything is fine in your ivory tower. You don’t want to acknowledge that your foundation is being undermined and that tower will soon come crashing down…

What do you get when you vote Democrat?

The same thing you get when you vote Republican…

A hot bucket of homeless guy shit and piss dumped on your head.


Only a vagina can claim fucking PTSD over it… Go be in a World War, or get in a firefight at 2am and you’re barely awake, with drug-dealing cops that want to kidnap your son. Then talk to me about motherfucking PTSD you worthless shitbag cunt!

Oh my, you have some feels when you walk down the street now?!? FUCK YOU! Maybe if you “walked down the street” more often, you wouldn’t be so fucking fat!

He doesn’t need jail time, he needs a hug from the same fatty he dumped his hot, runny shit on!

The US is so fucked…

if she were smart…

…but she’s not. How many women do exactly this?

If pussy was what I wanted, I could get that anywhere… Sluts throw it around like a frisbee… Flash a little cash, speak like an illiterate jackass, you can’t miss!

Hey, look what I got you for Valentine’s day! Crotch! Because my pussy is God’s gift to men!

Whatever you losers… I’m sooo out. Bestiality, pedophilia, and nihilism rolled up in a sloppy wad, and wrapped in sloppier tits and ass… Not even people anymore…

“Let’s get drunk and screw” used to be a joke country song we all laughed at, glad we didn’t actually know anyone so screwed up.

Now? If you don’t agree with it, you’re a pariah… How dare you not be a filthy shitbag like the rest of us. You must be gay or afraid of women or whatever… I don’t even care enough to finish the

when Bolivia and the US are basically the same…

…every opportunity to act as poorly as they can.

…but what happens when the Socialists and the Fascists are the same people? We don’t know what the opposition to that would look like or call itself, because their heads are jammed so far up their own crotches they don’t even know what’s happening.

Why is it that you look around the world and see brown people going nuts and making no sense, ever… And the dumbest white people are always encouraging it?


Backhanded compliment that deliberately goes too far and is obvious.

Breeders hips, sturdy, damn, you look like a baby-making machine…

“Sturdy” is probably the best all by itself when they’re fishing for a compliment.

The breeders hips/baby-making machine thing is best on the 30+ feminist career crowd…

“Damn, you could have crushed out 10 kids by now, wtf have you been doing?” Oh shit does that make their baby rabies go nuts! They hate being reminded of what they traded in to pretend to be a man… It makes it even worse when you tell them they were made for it even more than most other women, and they’ve neglected it… “You would have been special at making babies, but you didn’t. Yeah, you should feel bad about it…” Go on Murphy Brown…


…I do have to agree with the guy teaching his children never to trust a white person… I can count on one hand the number of white people in my life who haven’t stabbed me in the back. A bunch of pathetic moral cowards who refuse to fight for what’s right. Ever. Facts are facts. Can’t deny it. White people are shit. The White Devil will screw you over every time. They’ll trip their friends while running from the zombies until they’ve got no friends left, then wonder why everything has gone to hell. Stand and fight? NEVER! White people suck and they deserve what’s coming.

worm up your pee hole…

This has become a thing… I’m considered the freak because I DON’T do this…

You thought Soylent Green was bad… Eat the worm some guy jammed up his dick hole…

…and tell me I’m the problem.

Everyone who ever stabbed me in the back… This is the side you chose… This is you… Jamming a worm up your dick and eating it… You named this as your righteous salvation.

uuuuuuuuuUUUUUUHHHHHNHNNHHHHUUUU!!!! AAAAAaaahhhhhhhhhh!!

Do you think the most masculine of the species enjoy being in captivity?

I know exactly what the effects are. That’s the point.

It stops me from doing something stupid that will ruin my life and destroy my children.

What’s wrong with building strong neural pathways that lead me and my would-be offspring AWAY from annihilation?

What’s wrong with it? It pisses off women who want to trap a man with an unloved child…

My head is clear. I know your game. It’s not going to work. Clarity and Standards. Women hate all good things… A woman’s existence depends upon men making bad decisions. Of course she’s pissed off!


Yup, this is why women are garbage… They think that sucking at their job is something to be proud of. It’s perfectly written because the writers are brainwashed to exactly this sickness…

I’m a huge Star Trek fan and didn’t even know this existed… Yet another graet franchise, ruined by woketard degenerates.

Confession is good for the soul…

The only time a woman confesses, is when she knows the game is so rigged, that she’ll still get away with anything even when she admits to it!

The White Knight stands at the ready. His sword and shield are brandished boldly forward, toward the onrushing enemy.

Just before that titan eruption of violence, he feels a blade pierce his unprotected back. He stumbles. He fails. As he falls, he turns slowly to the woman with the dripping knife, and tips his fedora. “As you wish, m’lady,” he whispers, and dies.

Never protect a woman, she’ll stab you in the back and expect you to like it that way.

Uncomfortable? Your state of being dropped slightly below absolute opulence, so, slander and lie…

…who will hold them accountable? Where are the consequences?

I understand why women don’t understand how hard life is for men… Women have it so fucking easy they don’t even have to get out of bed.