“Americans” are still idiots begging for slavery

I can bump fire no more or less rapidly with a bump stock than without one. Bump firing is a technique, not an object. What I have without a bump stock is much less control over the process. Bump stocks were invented to make bump firing safe and controllable. Now we have to go back to unsafe and uncontrollable thanks to idiots and liars. This is demonstrable fact whach can be easilly proven in front of your own eyes. The only way to disagree is to lie.

Find someone who isn’t willing to go along with this blatant, proven lie. I dare you. Pretty much everyone just keeps repeating it… Including lies about how it works, what it does, etc… Lies upon lies upon lies. And you can’t find a single soul willing to speak the truth…

even if you get it right now, after what you’ve done, fuck you

For decades, I’ve been stabbed in the back by fake conservative moral coward gun owners.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Even then, I’ll never trust any of my so-called “fellow countrymen” ever again. You will not be my friends. You will not be my neighbors. You will not be my family.

Try as you might, you cannot scrub the hammer and sickle off of the red flag…

fuck you

“The burden is on the accuser, not the accused. That’s how our law works.”

No. It doesn’t. Not anymore.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. But it doesn’t. I have experienced several examples of this, and it eventually forced me to leave the country after decades of it.

Because I’ve stood alone in calling it out. Laughed at by the left and the right. Told I’m just crying because I didn’t get my way…

Well, here we are. It’s not just me it’s happening to anymore. I was right about everything. You gaslit me for decades. Now it’s happening to you and suddenly you care? Suddenly it matters now?

Fuck you. You deserve this. Burn, you lying cowards.

The man speaking here is an avowed communist. If you watch more of his videos you will see him call out the absurdity of Democrats, make some fake insults towards Republicans to present an illusion of fairness, then swear undying fealty to the Democrats he just called out as totally insane… He does it every fucking time…

Yet, even he can understand… But, most “Americans” can’t, because most “Americans” are much, much worse than Communists… They’re stupid, selfish, entitled brats.

its about time a bitch got pinned for this

It’s only one out of millions, but it’s about damn time one of these cunts got smacked for doing this shit.

Making false accusations to ruin a man’s life every time she doesn’t get her way has become the most common thing a woman does in her daily life.

Of course they’re mad when they get punished for it. It’s a fundamental entitlement in their own minds. Like breathing or walking. It’s the only thing most of them know how to do to make money… It’s the crux of their existence, and now they might lose it… They’ll have to get by on merit like men do! Lols! They know that’s not going to work worth a shit! Their only skill is lying and depending on evil Big Daddy Guv to make sure they get away with it!

What was that about privileged people being blind to their privilege? Please lecture me again, you obnoxious cunt!


Don’t really think we need Alex Jones to explain that the Antifa/Fedcoat alliance is planning a false flag PsyOp…

It’s rather obvious. They’ve been instigating and provoking for a damn long time. They’ve done everything they possibly can to make it happen.

Be careful what you wish for… The Tree of Liberty is mighty thirsty…

You’re wrong, Alex. The Cops and the Military support Communism. Most of them don’t realize it. Mostly, they just don’t care. They’re dick, sadistic perverts that just want to kill, and Democrats are the ones who give them the excuse to do it and protect them from consequences every time they do it. So, they side with Democrats.


Who’s finances, exactly? Rriiiigghhtt….

Another feminist trying to sabotage and make miserable…

Lols, nailed it! No smart man is getting involved with a fat slut who likes talking about money that isn’t her’s… And, of course, always implying that the man is coming up short on cash to pay for her pussy…

When a female lands on your life, do your expenses go up? Yes? Dump her! Your life is plenty good enough for you. If she’s not happy coming along for the ride, she can find a different ride… Someone dumber, weaker, more desperate; willing to put up with a cunt like her.

the only thing dumber than politics, is Asian politics

Most confusing moment when traveling through a Chinese airport (PVG). I’m am held aside and asked a question in terrible English that I cannot understand.

I am patted down several times as I try to figure out what is being asked.

It’s futile.

They show me a picture.

It’s umbrella.

Do you see an umbrella, dumbasses?

Where would I hide an umbrella?

You patted my down 5 times. Did you find an umbrella? Why are you so worried about umbrellas? Is it illegal to shield one’s self from the rain in China?

The automotons stood about retaining me. At least a dozen of them. I realize Asians are generally shorter than Whitey, but these were exceptionally short Asians. They seemed to be almost afraid of me. They would recoil from every movement…

Finally someone with a brain came along and took me back to the line, explaining that I obviously do my have an umbrella.

I wonder what would have happened to me if I did… Oh no! Not an umbrella!

Ok, I’m joking. I know exactly why umbrellas aren’t allowed on airplanes. But, duh, do you see an umbrella motherfuckers?

It only sets to irony the large pocket knife no one, ever, in any airport, has ever touched… I have carried it on every airplane I’ve been on since 2015. By accident, because it was stashed in a hidden pocket in my backpack I had completely forgotten about. Muh x-ray machines, yo! That’s at the very least, 200 x-ray scanners in 5 years, in a half dozen different countries.

Don’t you feel safe now?

every woman will lie about this

So quickly you forget that women voted for this, overwhelmingly. Damn near every woman on planet Earth fought tooth and nail to make this happen. Most of them have no idea they did it because they have rights with no responsibilities. No responsibility to research what they vote for, so they have no idea that they supported this, and will lie to your face and tell they didn’t!

yup, censorship in full effect..

Communist Government proving that “conspiracy theories” are conspiracy fact…

They’re doing everything they can to provoke and antagonize…

You know damn well the Democrats will have dozens of plants pretending to be Republican/Trump Supporters acting out badly… Same thing as all the “mall ninja” fake Open Carry “activists.” They’re always Democrats/Cops/Fedcoats pretending and putting on a show.

You know some cranky big-talking Democrats? Check if they’re scrubbing their social media accounts in advance to cover up/prepare for their lone wolf false flagging…

New advertisements for short-term actors/role-playing have shown up out of the blue just in time for the weekend… Ready by monday, to act like fools while wearing MAHA hats, shouting racist crap, etc…

Yes, of course it’s a trap.

Go anyway. Stay out of Northam’s Kill Box. Walk around the perimeter. It’s painfully obvious that Northam is planning to murder thousands of his opposition, then spin it for the media… The media will spin it no matter what.

Kentucky and North Carolina can start making offers, too… All the good counties are up for grabs! :-p