Never heard of this guy? Not surprised. He makes too much sense. “There can be no justification for harboring those who enjoy the benefits of living in our republic while trying destroy it, so why not deny entry to those who harbor ill will to our Constitution and our founding principles? We are not obligated to aid and abet our own destruction.” – Mike Klepper Every… Read More


I think Milo misunderstands the move to the rural/nomadic… To my abilities, Rome was already sacked. I cannot function in the city anymore. I am useless there. To survive and function in the cesspool, one must become the cesspool. No. We’re looking for fertile soil. I’ve romanticized it as being Captain Ahab’s good twin. My… Read More

Qualified/Sovereign Immunity is the antithesis of everything that USA was created to be

It is fabricated out of nothing by corrupt, America-hating, communist judges to create Carte Blanche for themselves. The Antifa/BLM noise is a distraction used to paint anyone trying to expose Judicial Sedition and Treason as a Socialist Terrorist. It’s a great example of how useful idiots serve the Communist Agenda. The Communists create a violent… Read More

fucking liar…

It’s the flu. There is no accurate test. Because I’m not a fucktard, I’m damn glad to see it spread. That’s all it can do. Like any other flu. It’s inevitable… It’s AIRBORNE! The more explosively it spreads, the better! That’s why flu season ends… Fucking Democrat liars laugh their asses off that Republitards are… Read More

if they care so much…

Why do they go out of their way to make schools into shooting galleries, then overreact and make them into prisons… Sometimes. If there’s a major gang/brown people problem, then anything goes and you’re a racist for noticing reality… Banks can be defended with guns. Museums can be defended with guns. But, kids? Fuck ’em!… Read More

women betray…

If she cares about her child so much, where’s her gun? A mother who chooses to be as helpless as her own children, has betrayed her children and her husband. Children require YOU to be their protectors. If you are skef-handicapped, you’ve an unfit parent. I hear so much bluster from half-feminist mothers about being… Read More

it used to be…

…that white people were on their own. That’s fine. But, the tribalist does what the tribalist does. Splice in good propaganda… Why does the scropion sting? Because it’s a scorpion. That’s what it does. It’s not even a matter of trust, or bad behavior. It’s just the nature of the thing. In “the developing world”… Read More

fake medicine

There is no COVID-19 test. It’s just another strain out of millions of Coronavirus mutations. No known medical science can differentiate one from another, and probably never will. Medicine has been taken over by left-fringe activists happy to lie. There’s no such thing as a human being who doesn’t have thousands, probably millions of Coronaviruses… Read More

what difference does it make?

Muh most important election! Again… My whole life, I’ve been told it’s desperately important to vote Republican or all is lost. Well guess what? From 2016 to 2018, there was total Republican control. What did they do? Fuckin’ nuthin’! So what’s the point? The election is meaningless. We get a Communist no matter who we… Read More