another whamen diversity hire with a gun, badge, and chip on her shoulder…

Participation Donuts for everyone! Yay! Pay attention. You can ignore everything I say because I’m just a crazy anti-government old white man. But when the retired police officer says it, suddenly it should matter to you. The judicial branch keeps this shit up, we’ll be hunting you down. Werey not candy ass drunks, or drug… Read More

my relationship

Think about that choice of words, brothers… In the eyes of a woman, men are not people. We aren’t even mentioned… We’re just an incidental property of a relationship, and that relationship is her lifeline to free cash and prizes while she shows you endless abuse and contempt for being a part of that “relationship”… Read More

Timmy proves, yet again, that he is Lord of the Idiots

You couldn’t predict this? This is how utopian thinking always goes! There’s always “those people” blamed for holding back utopia. You exterminate them, you still don’t have utopia. So, target another group, exterminate. Still don’t have utopia… The problem is that stupid people are genocidal. Stupid people believe in utopia. Which is impossible. But the… Read More

so oppressed…

Women deserve the tidal wave of hell that is coming for them. Government isn’t going to punish it’s best crotch-farming stock! Why won’t she grow up? Uh, the total lack of consequences, maybe? Women can do anything they want! Lie! Slander! Commit horrific acts of violence, kill their own children, before or after bring born!… Read More