fuck you

“The burden is on the accuser, not the accused. That’s how our law works.” No. It doesn’t. Not anymore. That’s how it’s supposed to work. But it doesn’t. I have experienced several examples of this, and it eventually forced me to leave the country after decades of it. Because I’ve stood alone in calling it… Read More


Don’t really think we need Alex Jones to explain that the Antifa/Fedcoat alliance is planning a false flag PsyOp… It’s rather obvious. They’ve been instigating and provoking for a damn long time. They’ve done everything they possibly can to make it happen. Be careful what you wish for… The Tree of Liberty is mighty thirsty…… Read More


Who’s finances, exactly? Rriiiigghhtt…. Another feminist trying to sabotage and make miserable… Lols, nailed it! No smart man is getting involved with a fat slut who likes talking about money that isn’t her’s… And, of course, always implying that the man is coming up short on cash to pay for her pussy… When a female… Read More

yup, censorship in full effect..

Communist Government proving that “conspiracy theories” are conspiracy fact… They’re doing everything they can to provoke and antagonize… You know damn well the Democrats will have dozens of plants pretending to be Republican/Trump Supporters acting out badly… Same thing as all the “mall ninja” fake Open Carry “activists.” They’re always Democrats/Cops/Fedcoats pretending and putting on… Read More