Ok, I’ll play this one level instead of trolling. I know decent women. They exist. They’re rare, but they exist. Why is it that, when a woman wants to be a man impersonator, this is what we get instead? Because a woman pretending to be a man is severely defective to begin with. The desire… Read More


They’re not stupid. Nobody is this stupid. “We got a call!” “Anonymous tip!” Cops are sadistic perverts. Yeah, I know this is old, but that’s the point. This shit keeps happening. It’s been happening for decades. And idiots still worship cops… Cops are the lowest scum alive. Child rapists are better people. Until courts execute… Read More

“We got a call!”

…at no point will the police question or doubt anyone calling 911, who is giving them an excuse to go apeshit. They do not care to verify. An excuse to go apeshit is all they want. They’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. They’re brainless savages. The only thing worse than… Read More

herp derp…

The ability to indentify and track a flu virus is now the excuse for pretending that the flu is a bug deal. It’s not even particularly bad! There are plenty of past flu seasilons that were waayyy worse! It just didn’t get a name, and we didn’t have the technology to identify and track it…… Read More