When rights disappear, so does the basis of filing petition for redress. You can’t file petition regarding the violation of your rights, when you have no rights. With non-violent options deleted, violent options become necessarry. Killing the Government, starting with cops and judges, is a duty and responsibility. Let the boogaloo begin…

muh confiscation, yo

Of course he’s not going to ban AR-15s. That’s impossible, and he knows it. The only thing he can do is try to confiscate AR-15s, and die hilariously/horribly during the attempt. Which he doesn’t want… https://www.factcheck.org/2009/05/misquoting-yamamoto/ I’ll not contend whether the quote is true or not. But, the premise it describes certainly is true… Go… Read More


A Soviet officer was leading his soldiers through Finland in 1939. Suddenly, he heard a voice. “One Finn is better than ten Russians!” The Soviet officer responded by sending ten of his best soldiers to investigate. After a minute of gunfire, the voice called out again. “One Finn is better than one-hundred Russians!” The Soviet… Read More

it’s amazing…

It’s amazing how this man can so precisely point out exactly what the problem is, then aim to proceed in the worst possible direction… Stop and Search works. Yes. Getting rid of water would eliminate drowning, too… The problems of “too much” freedom are always superior to the problems of too little. Always. No exceptions.… Read More


Subscribe to one stupidity or the other, or you will be destroyed. I do lean mostly conservative. I never see myself agreeing with the left. The issue lies in the fact that conservatives tend to be very, very stupid, and I am not. In matters where technology is involved or advanced, conservatives tend not to… Read More

I love how it’s become “that night” and “the next morning” to these people. They know what you’re talking about without being more specific. It’s etched in their mind like a Japanese person seeing a mushroom cloud over Hiroshima…

it’s sad…

It’s sad that the judicial branch so rarely does the right thing, that it seems impressive on the occasion that it happens. It should be boring SOP that goes completely unnoticed. Doing the right thing should be business as usual, but it’s not… Not even close. Charged with murder. But, will the charges be dropped… Read More


They want a powerful man, but dedicate their existence to stripping men of their power… Then complain incessantly that “can’t find a good man.” Bitch, you have no idea what “good man” means. You are idiot garbage. Please, keep saving your red flag in my face. It only makes you that much easier to avoid.… Read More


I’ve been warning you for decades… Communism is the future of the USA because Conservatives refused to be Conservatives for decades. RINOs. Fake Republicans. Boomers. “Being Reasonable” under exceptionally unreasonable circumstances, and too stupid to realize it, denying it, deluding themselves and lying even when they do notice… Absolute implosion. Kill all the white men.… Read More


And you evil witches act surprised when bad shit happens? Of course, you have to put on your surprised face. How could anyone defy your tyranny? Must be another bigot… Anyone who disagrees with communist femtrash must be destroyed.

hating China is stupid

Is everyone in the USA an evil, left-wing Communist Democrat piece of shit? No. Neither is everyone in China. This idea that “that country” is a monolith is always used, while in the same breath point of my out how not a monolith one’s own country is… The Chinese suffer under exactly the bullshit the… Read More

already here

It’s already in the US. They infiltrated through the Health Care/Medical system. I cannot get any form of medical services, period. My money isn’t accepted. Cards, cash, nothing. I’m simply refused because I don’t conform to the agenda. I can’t even get basic blood tests for enzymes and kidney function. Nothing. I have to leave… Read More